Chapter 1 The funeral

At the New York City cemetery, a funeral was in progress. Cindy, dressed in black, stood low among the crowd, accepting the tributes of her father's living friends who came up one by one. "Miss Scott, I'm sorry for your loss." Someone whispered. Cindy wiped her tears and thanked the guests. A month ago, the Scott Group completely collapsed, and Cindy's father, Lincoln Scott, suffered a heart attack and passed away. The Scott family, which was once so prosperous, was just gone. The crowd was saddened, but they did not dare to take Cindy lightly. Not only is she the daughter of the Scott family, but she is also the wife of Eric Miller, president of the powerful Miller Group. The funeral went on until noon, but the crowd did not see Eric until the funeral was almost over, a low-key Bentley slowly drove into the cemetery. The driver opened the back door and Eric got out of the car. A pair of shiny leather shoes appeared in the line of sight, along with the straight handmade suit up, is a hard handsome, sharp-angled face, the face is very cold. It was the first time Cindy saw Eric after two years of marriage, and how ironic that it was at her father's funeral! And while all the guests sent flower baskets, Eric came empty-handed! " Eric." More unexpectedly, the other side of the car door then opened, wearing a short red dress woman out of car, naturally took Eric's arm, " Should I go in?" Looking at her, Eric's face warmed up a bit. He pulled her fingers away from his arm, "You just wait for me here." "Uh, okay." The woman smiled and stood on her tiptoes and kissed him directly on the cheek. And this scene was undoubtedly like a slap in the face to Cindy's face. This was her father's funeral, but this woman not only wore a red dress but also kissed her husband in front of all the guests! Cindy squeezed her palm fiercely, unable to keep herself calm. Instead, Eric's feet had already stepped up to the stage and walked in front of her. Half a minute later, he turned his head and met her gaze. His six-foot-seven height pressed down on her in a heavy manner, "What, you're dumb after two years of absence?" "What do you want to do?" It wasn't that Cindy couldn't sense that something was wrong with the visitor. "Do what?" Eric's eyes suddenly turned dark and cold, as if they were even colder than the wind and snow outside the window, "A tribute, of course, to my dear father-in-law." He looked at Cindy in front of him from a high position. It must be said that she has grown even more bright and beautiful than two years ago, with waist-length hair. If she hadn't been the daughter of his enemy, perhaps they would have had a happy marriage. Or no, they wouldn't have gotten married at all. Because he married her to get back at the 'Lincoln Scott' bastard. "Everyone, get out." As Eric moved his lips, all the people who were paying their respects exited the venue without exception, because no one dared to anger him and go against the Miller family. After the last person left the venue, Cindy's wrist suddenly came with a near-dislocating pain, and she was directly yanked in vigorously by Eric, followed by the door closing. ...... An hour later, Eric gathered his suit and left the tribute lobby with no expression on his face. The woman who had been waiting outside the door immediately greeted him, grabbed his hand, and said tenderly, "Eric, how is it? Did you solve all the problems?" "Yes." Eric lightly responded, holding her and heading down the steps, dropping a few words- "It's all over." Linda heard the concealment in his words but did not dare to ask, just a heartfelt glance back. Hopefully, everything is really over.
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