Chapter 1

Ever since Alpha Liam was named an Alpha he has been and is still is a wonderful Alpha. He takes very good care of his family and protects his pack from dangers either within the camp or out with. He has gone out of line to vanquish any threats from opposers who want to implement chaos in his little town. He does that and much more for them and that's why those who made up his pack value him so much. They even go as far as boasting to neighboring towns that their alpha loves them unimaginably and if they dare hurt them they will have to deal with him, which is the truth. Every day the omegas train with some wolves who want to serve their new and worthy Alpha, and since it consists of younglings they need to raise an army out of these for whatever may come up in the future. So the sentinels (guards) which consist of some older men go to the border to guard until they finish their training to replace them there. Ever since he lost his parents in the cold hands of death, Alpha Liam was left with the great responsibility of having to fend for the pack and not just them his little sister as well. She has been quite a handful because she was more like a free spirit, she loves not being supervised or ordered around and loved doing things her way. Nevertheless, her brother Liam who has to watch over her is caring, but also overly protective of her. "I am going out Liam," a tiny yet bold voice said to Liam who was just sitting down trying to place his leg on the desk in front of him to relax, he had been standing all day giving orders and tutoring the young wolves in combat. "Where are you headed?" Liam asked nonchalantly "I am going to meet a friend, a boy rather. In the next town. We want to catch up on some old movies" the little voice said again "What do you mean you are going out to see a boy, huh?" 'Liam, I can do whatever I want to do" "Why not wait for Eric to escort you there? We still have lots of enemies out there, and the next town is filled with rogues." "Really? I absolutely forgot about that" she said sarcastically "Don't roll your eyes at me girl" "Or what will you do? Send me to my room. Or maybe lock me in there for days, like you did last month?" "I wish I could do that but right now but I am in no mood to" "Well I don't care what you do or think, I am not a baby anymore you don't have any right to lock me up" "Look Jasmine just go away to wherever you want to go, I am way stressed out from dealing with this nonsense, but be assured I would not come looking for you. Once its 11 pm you better be home and if you are not back by then I will take action, I may come murder that boy and his entire family" "That's so harsh, see you by 11:30 pm at most, and I'll be leaving now. It's almost movie time" So she left, as soon as she did, Liam took a deep breath and began wishing his parents were still alive. His little sister was becoming unbecoming each year. She was becoming too difficult to handle as she aged, though it can be impossible sometimes he still loves her and would do anything for her. Linda, a twin in his Pack, who saw Liam greeted and bowed slightly as Liam walked past her, she loves and has a crush on her Alpha Liam, just like every other single teenage girl her age, who has such feelings towards the new Alpha. She wishes someone as handsome as Alpha Liam could be her mate. She kept on staring at him till he walked out of sight. When Liam walked into his study, soon after Eric walked in. "Where have you been, you're late?" Liam asked "Hmm I never knew you cared so much," Eric said jokingly "Where's Jasmine? I couldn't find her in her room, so I'm guessing she went out again didn't she?" "She's beginning to piss me off," Liam said almost immediately "Don't worry she'll come around soon I'll send someone to keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn't get into trouble" "I hope she comes around soon because ever since dad and mom died she began acting like I'm invincible" "She's finding it hard to take it all in, maybe she's scared of losing you too. You're the only family she has left, after all, So don't take it too hard on her, okay, she'll learn to be more appreciative with time so don't worry too much, she'll be fine" Eric said trying to soothe Liam. "Oh, I nearly forgot Alpha Xavier wants to see you and Jasmine so since she's not here I guess...." Cutting him short Liam asked "Alpha Xavier?" "Yeah your dad's old acquaintance is downstairs and he wants to speak with you" Liam got up and headed downstairs although he was surprised one of his father's old acquaintances would come to visit him. He still wanted to know why he came to visit on such short notice. "You've grown up quite well," A man in his early sixties said. Liam kept staring at him because he couldn't recall any encounter with the man in front of him. "I'm sorry have we met?" Liam asked in a cold but domineering voice The middle-aged man smiled "I guess you were too young to remember back then, I used to carry you in my arms. Anyways, I'm your father's best friend" "Oh you're his best friend he hardly talks about you but there was this one time he talked about his adventures with you so you're the one right? And I think someone visited when Jasmine was born, was that you?" Liam asked with excitement in his voice "I'm glad you have a sharp memory. It's good to see you anyway, where's your sister? I actually came today for you both and maybe talk in a more secluded place, there is something of great importance to discuss" "Oh she isn't home right now, shall we go to my study then?" Liam asked and Xavier nodded. Liam, Eric, and Xavier headed toward Liam's study "I'm sorry I wasn't able to come when your parents passed away. I'm really sorry there was something I had to do for him." "It's okay I thought no one cared about my parents but since you were unable to show up and it was all for him it just means someone still remembers them and that you're a loyal friend, it's great that you are here now" "I'm glad you see me that way anyway I wanted to give you this," he said handing an old box to Liam "What's in it?" Liam asked with curiosity "It belonged to your parents" opening the box Liam found an old jewelry "That belonged to your mother the former Luna, it was a gift from your grandparents to her she would love it if Jasmine could have it" "And this?" Liam asked pulling something else out of the box "It's very ceremonial and belongs to the Alphas before you, guard it well for many werewolves would kill just to get their hands on it" "May I ask how you got this?" Liam asked "Your father gave it to me, I wondered why he trusted me so much with something as sacred as this. But now it belongs to you to make sure no one else gets their hands on it. Goodbye Liam, hopefully, we'll meet again." Xavier said and left. Liam kept staring at the box Xavier brought. He pulled out his parent's photo album and found out his mom was actually wearing the necklace in one of the pictures. Tears rolled down his eyes. "Hey Alpha, are you okay?" Eric asked snapping Liam back to reality "I'm fine so is Jasmine back it's late?" "Yes she just got back should I go talk to her" "No I'll do that myself just handle tonight's training," Liam said and left without waiting for Eric's response Liam knocked on Jasmine's door "Come in the door's open," Jasmine said thinking Eric came to see her as usual "How was your date?" Liam asked, moving towards Jasmine. She was surprised to see Liam in her room and most especially shocked he had asked how her day went, it's been a while since she heard him speak to her so softly and in a calm voice and not his usual cold and commanding tone "It went well." She managed to say "I have something for you" "What is it?" Jasmine asked thinking it wasn't that important Sitting very close to her Liam put the necklace on her neck "it's beautiful" Jasmine said "It belonged to mom" "Mom?" Jasmine asked just to be sure she heard him right "Yes an old acquaintance of dad came by today and gave it to me he said it was a gift from our grandparents to mom and I want you to have it" Jasmine was touched and hugged him real tight and said "I'm sorry I got so mad at you earlier I didn't mean to I was scared of losing you too promise you'll never leave me" "I promise, I'm sorry too for everything, I love you Jas" "It's been a while since you called me that. I love you too big brother" Jasmine said still in her brother's arms Eric watched the duo hugging each other he was happy that both his friends have finally reconciled with each other and that means he doesn't have to side with one and go against the other, Jasmine is his friend, yes, but Liam is both his friend and Alpha he wouldn't want to do anything against his wishes.
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