Chapter 1: Find Out the Truth in Hospital

Xin Qing got out of the elevator and ran to the ward with all her might. Her father had just called to tell her that her mother had gone. Mother was diagnosed as advanced lung cancer three month ago. The doctor said she wouldn't be able to hold on for long, but she didn't expect it to be so fast and sudden. Obviously, when she came to deliver the food in the afternoon, her mother had drunk a bowl of porridge. Why in the night... The hospital at midnight was as quiet as a dead city. The moment she turned into the Intensive Area, she heard the rapid breathing of men and women coming from the doctor's duty room, which was especially clear in the empty corridor. Xin Qing slowed down her pace. Her mother's room was right beside the duty room. She quietly looked through the gap in the door. "She is finally dead, are you ready to be Mrs. Xin? Hmm …" A man's voice sounded. The woman in his arms turned her head with red face and laughed, "I didn't expect her disease to be so... She actually endured for two years before dying … " The man lowered his voice intentionally, "Don't say these words again. If people find out that I changed her physical examination reports, it will be very troublesome!" "Who will ever mention her in the future? I've already obtained the Share Transfer Certificate!" The woman stood up proudly, but the smile suddenly froze on her face. The man followed her gaze and turned around, only to see Xin Qing standing at the doorway with tears flowing down her face … In the ward, Xin Qing looked at her mother who was lying under the white sheet, and asked with a trembling voice: "My mom was diagnosed as cancer two years ago, and you actually changed her physical examination reports?" Xin Pengfei lit up a cigarette and leaned against the sofa with Zhao Jiali in his arms. He said with a relaxed expression, "There was nothing to do with you, your mother is already dead. I've helped you arrange a way out. Someone will come to pick you up later." "Are you human? Are you my father? How could you do such a thing? " Xin Qing glared at the two people on the sofa. Zhao Jiali shook hair and looked at her with a smile. "It's because he's your father that he's prepared everything for you. Boss Huang likes you a lot and is rich at the same time! You won't be at a disadvantage if you follow him. " Xin Qing looked at Xin Pengfei coldly. "Do you sold me out?" "Don't make it sound so bad. He traded you for a building." Zhao Jiali sounded jealous, "You are quite valuable." "I'm your daughter, how can you …" Xin Qing couldn't believe that her father could do such a thing. Xin Pengfei interrupted her without a care, "That's why you are so valuable! Besides, I still have a daughter and a son. You don't have to worry about me having no daughter. " "Scum!" Xin Qing clenched her teeth, this kind of person was actually her own father. Xin Pengfei threw his cigarette butt on the ground and walked to her and raised his hand. "Pah." Xin Qing's body was tilted, she covered her face and fell to the ground. "You don't respect the elder. Is that what your mother taught you?" Xin Pengfei looked at Xin Qing's cold eyes and was about to kick her. However, the door was suddenly pushed open and a few men walked in. Xin Pengfei looked and immediately said, "Hurry, take her away." Xin Qing was lifted by two men, she struggled out in panic: "Let me go, what do you want to do? Let me go! " "Block her mouth!" Zhao Jiali threw over a rag. A man stuffed the rug into Xin Qing's mouth. Xin Qing shook her head at Xin Pengfei with tears flowing down her face. Xin Pengfei pointed at her mother's body and said, "If you don't listen and dare to call for help, I'll throw your mother out of the city at the garbage dump."
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