Another Chance!Another Chance!
By: Webfic

Chapter 1

Zoe's P.O.V Monday finally, I'm tired of this weekend doing nothing plus today I hope I could manage to get the CEO of Grey's Tech Empire off my back. He keeps trying to buy my company's building and after turning them down multiple they won't give up. However, today was the day I would finally meet with the CEO and hopefully make it clear to him that I am not selling my firm. After doing my morning hygiene I put on my black suit with a white shirt and went to make breakfast. I took out the bacon from the refrigerator as well as the bagel to heat up. Once I finished making breakfast and eating I left to go to my the company. As soon as I arrived at the company my assistant/friend Crystal was waiting for me in my office, coffee in hand. "Good morning Ms. Carter," "Good morning Crystal and cut the formalities we were friends for too long," I said rolling my eyes at her formality. She had met me while I was still studying when I accidentally walked into her and we had been friends ever since. As I sat down Crystal read my schedule for the day. " Today is the divorce signing for Mr. and Mrs. Williams and then you have your meeting with Mr. Grey and that is about it...Oh, Andi said to give this to you to go over and sign off on," she said as I nodded and replied, "Okay is that all Crystal?" "Yup," "Okay you can go and there is breakfast in that bag for you," I said pointing to a bag where I had put her breakfast. "Thanks, boss," she said saluting me as I threw a crumpled piece of paper at her and rolled my eyes. She laughed dodging the paper and then walked out of my office. Once I finished going through some of the documents I saw that it was almost time for the meeting with the Williams. I grabbed my file for Mr. and Mrs. Williams's divorce and make my way to one of the conference rooms where the divorce finalization will take place. Mr. Williams and his lawyer weren't here yet but Mrs. Williams was and she was crying. "Mrs. Williams, what's wrong?" "He doesn't love me and I was prepared to end it but it still hurts so much!" she wailed as I sat next to her and tried to comfort her because nobody should have to experience what she has. This was the man she loved since she was sixteen. Mrs. Williams was now in her early thirties and to see her going through a divorce was so sad. Nobody should have to face that and it didn't matter that it was our job to do these things. The divorce lawyer Kate who was supposed to finalize this case was also sick so I had to step in. "Mrs. Williams, what is the full reason for your divorce, I saw here that he cheated but what happen if you don't mind me asking?" "I got photos sent to me anonymously!" She said handing me photos from her handbag that she apparently decided to keep. Looking at them I realized something odd about the pictures, every one of them. Just as I was about to say something Mr. Williams and Jacob his lawyer walked in. He looked like he hadn't slept in weeks. I feel sorry for him. "Lizzy please just hear me out plea....!" He begged as he fell to his knees. Even after all this and knowing he could not let her go. "Mrs. Williams if you don't mind me saying but these photos are photoshopped," I said cutting him off. She looked at me shocked and as if she didn't believe me. "How do you know Ms. Carter?" "The person who photoshopped this clearly wasn't that good," "I'm sorry but what?" "You see I stayed at both those hotels when on business and the backgrounds are different meaning...." "It was two different places and he was never with anyone nor did he ever cheat on me," she finished what I was saying as she pieced everything together. "Exactly!" I said smiling as she jumped into his arms. "Oh, Josh I'm sorry I didn't listen!" She exclaimed kissing him before he could say anything. Mr. Williams turned to me with a smile of gratitude once he got up holding Ms. Williams around her waist. "Thank you so much, Ms. Carter, I can't imagine if I were to lose her," "Just Zoe will do," I said smiling in return. "You didn't complete your job by finalizing the divorce though and we are so sorry for making you go through all that trouble," "I did something better. The fact of it is that you both are happy and I always believed marriage is honorable and the bed is undefiled; it would never be worth seeing someone lose everything they loved when I could've stopped it or helped them" I said truthfully. "Zoe the man you're with must be one lucky person," said Mrs. Williams. "Actually I am single," I said forcing a smile. "Don't worry you would have somebody soon and as your clients and now your friend we hope you invite us to that wedding and Zoe our names forget the Mr. and Mrs.Williams," she said winking at me. I just walked them to the elevator, telling them goodbye and brushing of the comment. "Zoe Carter always a sweetheart I see who can also be a detective," I turned at the familiar voice seeing Jacob Mr. Williams lawyer. "Jacob Amerite still the same I see," I said smirking back at him. "So Zoe what's up?" "Not much Ja and what about you?" "The usual," "Any lucky girl yet?" I said teasing him. "That depends," "On what?" "Are you really available?" He replied teasing "Haha very funny!" I said sarcastically while shaking my head. He laughed out loud and I couldn't help but laugh back. If you were wondering Jacob and I became friends when we were studying law together and we had gotten close since then. Not couple close because we were like brother and sister and that would just be odd and weird but wrong nevertheless. I was Jacob's wingwoman and let's say I kind of still am. He had little to no luck in finding the right one but I believe he will find her someday. Why did I never consider being a matchmaker instead? I wondered before shaking my head at the taught. We walked to my office where he sat on the couch and slouched back lazily and I sat in my chair. "Jacob, don't you have work to go do?" I asked watching him from the side of my eye. "I am done for the day and don't you have a company and a firm to run," yes you heard right I recently started a tech company as well. "Whatever dork," "Idiot," "Bighead," "Clumsy," "You hit a soft spot with that one Ja," I said dramatically, holding my heart. I then decided to ignore him and get some work done. Half an hour later I was almost done with my paperwork that was on my desk and ready for my meeting with Mr. Grey and Jacob was still in my office, asleep on my couch. I swear sometimes this boy has nothing better to do. He was one of the best lawyers I knew though so I guess he deserved this. Crystal came into my office slamming the door and making Jacob jump awake. "Can't you close the door more quietly Crystal?" Jacob said rubbing his eyes. "Nope and Zo are you ready to leave for your meeting?" She asked smirking at Jacob who was rubbing his head. "Yes let me just get this," I said reaching for my purse. "Who's her meeting with?" Jacob asked curiously. "You won't believe it but with Daryl Grey," Crystal said as his jaw dropped open. "Wait Daryl Grey as in that Daryl Grey?" "The very one," she said nodding her head. "Yeah I heard he is quite famous but I did not know you all heard so much about him by your reactions," I added as both of them looked at me. "Oh, honey that is not what we meant," Crystal said as Jacob nodded. I looked at them strangely shaking my head. "Let's go," I said as Crystal and Jacob walked out behind me. Jacob left to go to his office and Crystal and I made our way to my Lambo which was like my baby. "Hey, where is Andi?" "Probably sleeping and might be late for the meeting," "This boy I swear I will hit him behind his head one day," If you were wondering why I was not angry. I do care about my company and business but Andi was my friend but while he slept in late sometimes he worked really late on a daily basis leaving the office at 3:00 a.m and reaching back by 10:00 a.m. He stayed till 5:00 a.m. and it was now 9:30 a.m. so I would let it go. He had to be at this meeting because he was the management of the tech company and this meeting will affect him too. Not long after we arrived at Grey's Tech Empire and I couldn't help but be amazed by the structure of the building. The place was huge and the design was amazing. Snapping out of my daze as Crystal shook me we made our way inside and let me just say the inside was even more amazing and very futuristic well this particular company was based on tech. Looking around we walked up to the reception desk and asked for the floor and told her we had an appointment she gave us the floor number smiling at us and telling us to have a good day, trust me I hope so to sister. She was really professional and spoke politely which I would commend her for because most of the people looked pompous. Once we got to the 40th floor where the meeting would be held. His assistant stopped us. "Excuse me but do you all have an appointment?" she said rather rudely. How did she think we got past reception? Refraining from saying anything that was not polite I instead said "Yes we do, my name's Zoe Carter," I said smiling at her. Not because she was rude means I was going to do the same, that would be stooping to jer level. She rolled her eyes and checked on her computer before letting us through. As we walked into the office I saw Mr. Grey and to be honest I was expecting an old man not this. He was handsome yes but something about him seemed so familiar like I know him from somewhere. "Sweetheart you actually came and I am glad you made it safely," he said smiling whilst looking at me and I looked around to see who he was talking to. Hey, don't get me wrong not because someone's eyes are on you mean they are directing what they say at you. Crystal was still outside so it was only him and I in the office besides I didn't think she was that acquainted with him. "Excuse me but...." before I could finish someone walked in interrupting me. "Andre right, we went to the same high school but what are you doing here if you don't mind me asking?" I said turning to the familiar face and the reason I asked was that he was an engineer so not Mr. Grey's lawyer and this was a meeting so I'm sure his staff would not be so rude and just waltz into his office without knocking like they owned the place. "Just here to see my friend," he said smirking I stood there for an entire five minutes before putting together what my brain refuses to admit. My eyes widened turning to Mr. Grey. How could I not realize this before and how was I so foolish that I could not recognize what was there all along? Oh noooo.....
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