Before New YearBefore New Year
By: Webfic

Chapter 1

"It's your mother that's a whore" The girls at block D were at it again, Today was a Saturday and instead of them to be washing their clothes, they were fighting, for the third time today. "Do not bring my mother into this, or else imma beat you until your mama feels it" Another girl said, I got tired of their continues yelling so I placed my Earpiece in my ear. Listing to Away by oxlade, one of my favorite Nigerian Artists. "Away, Away, Away, Away, and Away" I couldn't help but sing along to the song which earned me a glare from Taiwo, my roommates who seemed to be a bitch. I hissed loudly and she rolled her eyes, I've just been in this school for Three days and I have already made an Enemy, yes Taiwo is my Enemy. "Girl I wanna be your owner, Call after you game over. Baby rest on me shoulder, Oh no!" I continued singing in other to piss her off more, which i did and she left the room making me laugh. Just as I was about to take off my earpiece, my Cousin and bestfriend who got Admitted into the school at the same time as me called, it was saafa. "Hello saafa, what's up?" I beamed the moment I picked the call. "Wanna go for a tour of the school?" She said, she sounded bored. "But we went for one yesterday" I said. "I know, I am just bored" she said. "Okay then, let me get dressed. come to my room" I said before hanging up, Taiwo walked back into the room with her cloths in her hands, and she didn't fail to glare at me insultingly. "Some people will just be acting like babies" I mumbled which didn't go unheard by her because she hissed. I ignored Taiwo and immediately got dressed into An Abaya decorated with stones and flowers, it looked extremely beautiful. After putting on my Abaya, I did a light makeup and clutched my purse on my shoulder. "I'm going out, bye" I said while locking up my locker. As usual, she didn't respond. I went down the hall and headed towards the stairs where I came face to face with Saafa who seemed to be coming towards my room. "You look good" Saafa complimented and I muttered a thank you while we walked down the stairs. "So where should we tour today?" I asked as we made our way outside the hostel. "Let's go to our Faculty" she said. "Didn't we go there yesterday?" I halted in my pace. " Yeah, and also I heard our time table is out" she said. "Seriously?" I asked, "Yeah and our orientation is on Monday, because hundred level students classes will begin fully on Tuesday" she said and we continued our walk to the faculty of medicine. "They aren't allot of hot Boys in this school I swear" Saafa blarbed and I rolled my eyes. "They are, just say they aren't your taste" I said. "Yeah they aren't " she said. "And your taste are rich Boys, but sorry to burst your bubble sister but Welcome to the university where everyone struggles to survive" I said and she spanked me lightly on my arm. "Why are there allot of people gathered in front of the faculty?" Saafa Asked and I raised my head to see that there was indeed a large crowd of people and they were yelling. "Me I am not...." Before I could complete my statement, Saafa dragged me towards the crowd with me protesting and spanking her arms. "let's see what's happening!" she said. "Sufy" "sufy" "Hit Him" "Farooq" "Sufy" "They will injure theirselves" "Please call security" I kept on hearing people mumbling to their Neighbor as the two boys fought. "Why are they fighting?" Saafa asked a boy who seemed our age. "Don't mind this boy, They are fighting because of a Girl" The boy said and Saafa muttered something like 'bunch of morons'. I looked over to where they were fighting and saw that the fair guy was going to hit the chocolate skinned guy with an iron rod. "Stop them, before the kill themselves" I yelled But no one answered. They kept on watching and recording the fight. In fear of the fair guy Killing the Chocolate skinned guy, I ran over to them and held the rod in the air as it was about to land on the other guy.
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