Chapter One

Let's Break Up "Look everyone. It's Scarlett!" "Scarlett. Please look this way!" "Your new drama just hit the box office and it's been getting a lot of positive responses? How do you feel?" "There are rumours that you will be nominated for the best actress award this year. How true is this?" "Are you confident to get the award?" "Scarlett, please give me an autograph!" Scarlett Kingston stepped out of her car and was instantly surrounded by reporters and numerous fans who wanted to get a piece of her. Scarlett smiled. She was really happy. After all, she had everything. She had the game and the money, she was at the peak of her career, it was only right that these people should suck up to her like this. Scarlett was shielded by her manager as she walked into her house. If she wasn't covered, she won't be able to get in at all. She was after all the superstar Scarlett. Anything that she says right now will make it's way to the top searches tommorow morning. Immediately Scarlett entered the house, she fell on her sofa. She stretched out her hand and her manager Rose handed her her phone. Scarlett smiled as she read the comments online about her new drama. It really got a positive response! It was explosive. "Scarlett, the drama, it's been really great! It's a wonderful hit! Everyone is talking about it. I'm sure that it will be on the top searches for at least one month!" Rose said. She had been following Scarlett around since she debuted about a year ago and she knew how talented this woman is. Scarlett scoffed. "Of course it's a hit! It's a drama that I Scarlett Kingston made. It's sure to be a hit. You know that I am amazing!" Scarlett sighed. Ross smiled at her. This is Scarlett's flaw. She is wonderful top actress but, she has no idea of the word modesty. Scarlett Kingston, the perfect definition of narcissism! But it wasn't as if she was wrong though. She did achieve a lot in just five years. She debuted at 20 and just five years later she had shaken up the entertainment industry so much. Of course she was amazing. In the industry, they were really very few people who could compare to her! And those people have been holding on to thier career for at least ten years! "I think the fact that it's a romance drama made it even more popular" Rose said. She said that without thinking. She said spoke her mind. Scarlett scoffed. Romance? What a joke. Do people still believe in that nonsense? "Romance? What a joke! People are just delusional! Do they still believe in such stupid things as true love?" She asked. The drama was a sappy love story. About a bit and a girl who met when they were in high school. Because of their family differences, they had to be separated and after seven years, they meet again. This time, they are able to fight those odds and stay together! What a joke! How can people believe that such true love is real? It has to be the biggest joke in this life! Rose looked at Scarlett. After five years, she still does not understand this woman at all. She appeared mainly in romance dramas, everyone thought of her as a romanticist, but in truth, she looked down on love and everything related to it. To her, it was complete nonsense! How can someone be like this? What is really going on with her? "But Scarlett, I think that true love is real. There's definitely someone for everyone out there" Rose said. Scarlett looked at Rose. "how old are you that you still believe in these things? Let me tell you, love is just something that people use to console themselves. In the end what really matters is benefits!" Scarlett said. She really could not understand Rose. Why does she still believe this nonsense? Rose sighed. She knew that arguing with Scarlett was just going to be a waste of her time. She immediately remembered something. Vivian, Scarlett's mother had asked her to pass on a message to Scarlett. Infact, she had told her to make sure that Scarlett goes. How is she going to do that? Judging from Scarlett's temper, what if she flips? "Scarlett, there is something that I need to tell you. Your mother, she asked you to go meet someone, on a blind date" Rose said. Her voice was shaking, Scarlett keeps refusing to go. Why won't Vivian leave her alone? "What?! What nonsense is this? Why won't that woman leave me alone? I told her that I don't want to go anywhere with anyone!" Scarlett said. This is so annoying! Rose shuddered. Scarlett is starting to get angry. Will she be the one to deal with her anger then? "Scarlett, you know that your mother is not going to stop if you don't go. Why don't you just go so she can stop pestering? Just because you go on the blind date doesn't mean you have to meet the person again" Rose said trying to convince her. Scarlett sighed. This woman won't stop, she will have to figure out a way to make sure that she stops bothering her. She will meet with this person. After this meeting, her mother won't dare to arrange more blind dates for her! "Alright. I'll go!" Scarlett said. Ryder Thompson sat facing Julia Blair, his girlfriend, soon to be ex girlfriend. He was smiling at her. That same smile that has won over the hearts of so many women over the years. Coupled with his handsome face, there simply is no woman who can resist him in this world! Julia on her part, was extremely happy. Ever since she started going out with Ryder about two weeks ago, she felt like her life had experienced a complete turn around. Actually she had heard the rumours about Ryder. The CEO of Helian Entertainment, he is known to be the perfect playboy. Julia just wanted to get whatever she wanted from him until he got tired of her. But after being with him for a few days, she started to think that maybe he wasn't as bad as people said. Maybe, he just hasn't found the person for him. Who knows? She just might be the woman to get to him. He treated her so well! Julia of course had no idea what was going on in Ryder's mind right now. He was already tired of playing around with her. "Julia, I have something that I want to talk to you about" Ryder said. Julia was suddenly excited. Is he going to propose to her? She looked around. They were in a really fancy restaurant. It seemed to be the perfect place for a proposal. What romantic plans did he have for her this time? "What is it? What do you want to tell me?" Julia asked. Her voice was coy, so coy that it made Ryder sick to the stomach. "So here's the thing, let's break up" Ryder said. It came out of him so naturally, like he was a pro at these kind of things. Julia, who was already preparing herself to say yes was completely and utterly devasted. Wait? Break up? He wants to break up with her? Instead of a proposal, it's a break up? "What? Break up?! I really don't want to break up with you! I love you! Didn't you say that you love me too? Why do you want to break up with me now?" Julia said. She was so angry. Who does he think that he is messing with? Ryder rolled his eyes. He was tired of playing along with this woman. He knew, what she wants from him. Why can't she just make her demands and get lost? "Let's be sincere. You knew from the start, that I was playing around with you. And you are only with me because of money. Let's make a deal here. Tell me what you want and let's go out separate ways without making things hard for each other!" Ryder said. His words were harsh, really harsh. Julia was shocked. This man seemed very different from the man that had doted on her for two weeks now. But at least she knew now that he was serious. He had just been playing around with her as usual. Once again, another woman got played by Ryder Thompson. Julia thought about it. She won't be able to hold on to him anyway. He said to name her demands right? "You, I can really say whatever I want right? You'll give me whatever I ask for right?" Julia asked. Ryder smiled broadly. A really flirtatious smile. At least she is no longer using that love nonsense. "Yes. So tell me. What do you want? I really have somewhere that I need to be right now" Alright then" Julia said. She looked down at the car that he came with. It was a Rolls Royce sweptail. That car is one of the most expensive cars in the world! Well, since she can't get the man, she should at least get something out of him before he dumps her completely. "I wake your car. Give me your car" Julia said. Ryder looked outside at his car. He just got that car a few days ago! Will he have to give it away now? He looked at Julia again. He could see the determination in her eyes. Since she won't be able to date him anymore, she had to get something out of him. Ryder immediately regretted telling her anything. About ten minutes later, Ryder stood by the side of the road as he watched as his $13 million car was driven away by some woman. He really wanted to mourn for his car. Scarlett sat facing her so called blind date. She had to say that there was something wrong with her mother's eyes. Before she came, she had called her mother and Vivian had told her that she would be meeting a really handsome man. How does this person in front of her classify as handsome? What nonsense is this? Scarlett was doing everything possible to keep herself from exploding but it seemed as if the person in front of her did not understand it at all. He just would not stop talking! "Scarlett, I'm a big fan of yours! I'm Raymond Campbell. Our family owns JK Enterprises. You've heard of it right? We deal on real estate business" Raymond said. He was really confident about this blind date. He is handsome, and he has a lot of money, no woman would say no to him. Scarlett should be thankful that she can meet him like this. After all, isn't she just an entertainer? "So tell me? What are your hobbies?" Raymond asked. Scarlett wasn't saying anything so he felt that she was uncomfortable. He just wanted to get the ball rolling. Scarlett rolled her eyes. She has never met someone as stupid as this! Can't he take a clue? "My hobbies? Didn't you already run a background check on me before coming? Do you really need to ask me that?" Scarlett asked. Raymond cletched his fists. He could sense her sarcasm. But he did not want to show it. Instead, he decided to go straight to the point. "You know why we are here right? Your mother wishes that you can start a relationship with me. Why don't we just go along with what she wants? Think about it, I am handsome, I'm the CEO of a company, it's a pretty good catch for your right?" Raymond asked. Scarlett scoffed. Good catch? Who does this person think that he is? "Good catch? You? Do you really think of yourself as handsome? Who the hell lied to you? You should really take a good look at yourself in the mirror and reevaluate those opinions of yourself. And what? A CEO? The last time I checked the CEO of MK Enterprises is your father right?" Scarlett asked. Raymond could not take it anymore. This woman completely insulted him! "What? Who do you think you are to talk to me like this? Scarlett don't forget you are just an actress, you should be happy that someone like me is interested in you!" Raymond said. How dare she be so rude to him? Scarlett could not take it anymore. There absolutely is no need for her to deal with this anymore. "Since you think that you are so perfect why don't you date yourself then? Someone like me, really can't compare to you!" Scarlett said. Then she got up and walked out of the restaurant. Immediately Scarlett got out, she called Rose. She had come with her to the restaurant but she left with the excuse that she had to get something. She was still not back. "Where are you?! Come back now!" Scarlett said. Then she got in the back seat of the car. Scarlett took out a pair of dark sunglasses and wore it. Then she closed her eyes. That stupid idiot, how dare he talk to her like that? She is just an entertainer? Who does he think he is?. Scarlett was so pissed. She was still brooding on this when her car door opened and someone got in the car. Thinking it was Rose, Scarlett said. "From now on I don't want you to tell me about any more stupid blind dates that my mother set up. That stupid fool! Who does he think he is? What did he say? I'm just an entertainer? Let's just go!" The person did not say anything. "Did you hear me Rose? I said let's go!" Scarlett repeated. Still no response. Scarlett opened her eyes immediately. Instead of Rose, there was a complete stranger sitting in her car! [3/24, 6:53 PM] Sonia: Billionaire Contract Marriage : I'll Make You Fall For Me
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