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Chapter 1

"He's such an asshole." Bea's face scrunched in distaste as she watched the scene that was taking place down the school hallway. "A hot asshole." Jade shrugged, laughing as she pulled her books out of her locker. I just watched. Bea rolled her eyes. "Yes, he's hot—but that doesn't give him the right to kill anyone who dares step in his way." Jade shut her locker and turned to look down the hallway herself. "Zac Miller is the guy who can do anything he pleases. The world runs the way people like him want it to run." Bea scoffed loudly. "People like you are the ones allowing people like him to do so." Jade only laughed. She was amused by Bea's annoyance. "I don't see you stopping him, Bea." Bea opened her mouth to argue but then shut it, seeing that Jade was right. "Earth to Jas." Jade waved a hand in front of my face, pulling me out of my thoughts and into their conversation. I looked at her blankly. "Huh?" "Let's go, we have class." The three of us starting walking down the hallway when Bea glanced at me. She narrowed her eyes thoughtfully. "What do you think, Jas? Break the argument." "What do I think of what?" I stared down at my shoes as I walked. Bea rolled her eyes. "Zac Miller—what do you think of Zac Miller?" Why were we talking about him again? I looked at Bea and couldn't help laughing. "Zac Miller? Why?" Bea looked at me flatly. "I saw you watching him—just now, down the hall and shoving some kid around." She wasn't wrong. I couldn't pry my eyes away from the scene taking place just minutes, on the other end of the hallway. I shrugged my shoulders softly. "I don't—have an opinion on him." Jade shook her head in disagreement. "Everyone has something to say about Zac Miller. Do you think he's hot?" I rolled my eyes, giving Jade a look of disbelief. "I would be blind if I thought he wasn't." It wasn't a lie—Zac was attractive. Anyone could see it from miles away. He could easily be a model. It was one of the many reasons why he stood high on the social ladder—that was just how it worked. Somehow, your attractiveness made you more popular. Zac was well built, defined biceps that you could notice through the v-necks he always wore. A jawline carved by the greeks Gods themselves. Tan skinned, brown eyes that sparkled when light hit them. Bea scoffed at my answer. "So—you like him?" My nose scrunched. "A guy like him? I don't think it's possible to like him. He's a—bad guy." "Because he smokes and drinks?" Jade inquired, her eyebrows furrowing. "So what—half the kids in high school do drugs now." "No," I shook my head. "Not just because he smokes and drinks. Did you see the way he was treating that kid? He thinks he's above everyone—better than everyone else. He doesn't care about anyone but himself." "Thank you!" Bea exhaled deeply, nodding her head in agreement. She was not very fond of Zac Miller. "Whatever," Jade grumbled as we walked into class and took our usual seats. Jade, Bea and I had been best friends since we were 10 years old. We were the trio that nobody could tear apart. Bea was very sassy and snippy—sometimes aggressive. She was never afraid to speak her mind, never taking crap from anyone. She was fiercely scary. She always had good intentions but sometimes—her anger was not manageable. She could get carried away. Jade was the opposite. She was soft and warm-hearted—much more girly than Bea. She was kind, always optimistic and looking at the bright side of every situation. She kept the waters calm—always wanting everyone to be happy. I was—I don't know. The neutral one? I stood on the sidelines. I was quiet—unless I was with the few people I was close and comfortable with. People know me but I don't necessarily like having the spotlight on me. This was the type of school where everyone knew everyone. The three of us balanced each other out. "How did you finish the pop quiz so quick?" Bea looked at me with wide eyes, noticing the paper turned upside down on my desk. She looked baffled. I shrugged. "It was easy." Bea groaned quietly. "Yeah—easy for the smartest person in the world. Also known as you. You are the smartest person in the world, my friend." "Maybe—the smartest person in the room." Jade laughed softly, hey eyes trained on her quiz as she finished writing. I laughed softly, shaking my head at my friends. "Miss Jennings—" the teacher called out to me when everyone had started placing their things away at the end of the class. All eyes turned to me. "Please stay a moment after class so I can have a word with you." I blinked, confused but nodded nevertheless. I didn't know what this was about but it was slightly nerve-wracking. "What's that about?" Bea walked over to stand in front of my desk. I shrugged unsurely, the same confused look on my face that she wore. asked as she stood up and walked over to stand in front of my desk. "No idea—I didn't do anything wrong." I wasn't exactly the type of person who got in trouble. Jade heaved out a breath as she walked over to us. "He's probably going to ask you how you managed to get a hundred and ten percent on the quiz." I rolled my eyes—ignoring their comments as I stood up and made my way to the front of the room. Everyone else was heading out. "I'll see you guys later." Bea and Jade shrugged, waving goodbyes as they left the room. Once the classroom had emptied out, the teacher looked at me. "Jasmine, I wanted to talk to you about tutoring. Is that something you'd be interested in?" I blinked. "Tutoring?" He nodded his head. "Yes. You're the brightest in the class—and I have a student who is doing very poorly in this class. He is close to failing which will pull him off the soccer team." I nodded slowly. Okay—so he wanted me to tutor someone on the soccer team. It didn't sound like the worst idea in the world—considering I knew most of the guys on the team. "Of course—you will receive extra curricular points. They'll be a good addition to your resume and university applications. I know that is important to you." I cleared my throat, shaking my head unsurely. "I mean—sure, of course. I don't mind." The teacher smiled, nodding curtly. "Very well, then. I will let him know to contact you." Slightly befuddled, I mumbled a goodbye to the teacher as I headed out of the classroom. As soon as I stepped out, Evan caught up to me. "Hey, babe." "Hi," I exhaled. I leaned into his side as he started walking beside me. He leaned down to peck my cheek. "There's a party tonight. Do you think you're coming?" I scoffed, almost laughing. "You know I don't love parties, Evan—and it's a Monday night." Evan swung an arm around my shoulders, laughing softly. "You are precious." Heat crept up my neck, flooding my cheeks. We had been dating for three months now but he still made me feel flustered and shy and—fuzzy. He was very sweet to me. Evan was on the soccer team—which is why I knew many of the other players on the team. "You should come though." We stopped in front of my next class. "You'll probably have to show up anyways—to pick up a drunk Bea." I gnawed on my bottom lip, thinking. He had a point. "You're probably right. I'll think about it." Evan smiled down at me, leaning down to softly kiss my lips. "I will see you at lunch?" I nodded, smiling as I watched him walk off. At the end of the school day, I was walking through the parking lot to get to my car—when an unfamiliar voice stopped me. "Jasime Jennings." I stopped, turning around to see—Zac Miller? He leaned against his car, his arms crossed over his chest. He watched me carefully, a smirk dancing along his lips. I blinked. Why was he talking to me? We had never once spoke before—little less, even make eye contact. I was confused—and a little nervous. Why would he be talking to me? How does he even know my name? I cleared my throat, trying to seem unphased. "Can I help you?" Zac pushed himself off his car. "I heard you could." I stared at him, dumbfounded. I had no idea what he was talking about. "I'm sorry?" "No need to be sorry, Bloom." He stepped towards me, grinning down at me. Bloom? My eyebrows furrowed at the nickname. Why is he calling me Bloom? I shook my head, turning to head to my car. I decided to ignore him because nothing good could possibly come out of me talking to Zac Miller. Whatever he was doing—surely he was just messing with me. "Hold on—" Zac was quick to bounce towards me. Amusement laced his tone. He fell into step beside me, walking with me seeing as I wasn't stopping. I sighed faintly. "What do you—want?" "Bloom." I didn't stop. I should stop. I feel like he's not someone you can entirely just walk away from. He's—well, he's Zac Miller. "Bloom." This time, he spoke more firmly. I could hear the impatience and annoyance in his tone—which instantly worried me. God, I do not want to get on his bad side. I stopped, hesitantly and turned to look at him. "Miller," I mumbled, my eyes narrowing slightly. "What can I possibly do to assist you?" He looked at me for a moment, a grin etching its way onto his face. He was amused by the frustration he could see hiding behind my eyes. "Well, that's just it—you're my new tutor, Bloom." Oh, hell.
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