Cast AwayCast Away
By: Webfic

Chapter 1

"Tell me the truth. Are you insisting on a divorce because you're having an affair?" At the moment, they were onboard a tourist cruise ship sailing on the sea. Ryan Quinn looked at his soon-to-be ex-wife, Yasmine Xander, as he asked seriously. "You're always so unromantic and boring. I came out with you just to take advantage of the divorce cooling-off period to go to where we first met. I hope we can break up in peace." Yasmine wore a long white dress and a big sun hat. She seemed to be traveling to relax, not caring about their broken marriage. "I'm not in the mood to travel and relax. You said that as long as I go with you on this cruise, you'll tell me the real reason for the divorce. That's why I'm here. "Yasmine, you've ruined my life. I paid for the house loan, car loan, and the 600 thousand dollars of medical bills when your mom was ill. "I could have been promoted to director. But you kept fussing about divorcing me. Not only did my chance of promotion disappear, but I couldn't even keep my job. "Also, my parents are under the impression that I did something wrong and didn't cherish you, so you clamored to divorce me. Because of these matters, my relationship with my parents is now terrible. "I'm in no mood to reminisce and travel with you. I just want to know the reason why you insist on divorcing me. Tell me." Ryan looked at her coldly. Yasmine worked as a fitness coach in a gym. Three years ago, he met her on a tourist island on a business trip to Faeloria. At that time, she had traveled there with her best friend. They had fun together for a few days and later exchanged contacts. After returning to Cascadia, he often invited her to meals. He even went to her gym and applied for an annual membership card. As time went by, feelings had developed between them. They married after being together for half a year, but their marriage seriously deteriorated their love. After they got engaged, the Xander family demanded 300 thousand dollars in betrothal gifts. They also asked Ryan to buy a house and a car in the city. Otherwise, they would not agree to their marriage. At that time, he liked her very much. So, he spent all his savings to pay 300 thousand dollars as betrothal gifts, a down payment on a house worth more than 1.5 million dollars, and a car worth 150 thousand dollars. As a result, he still lived an unhappy life. At home, Yasmine did nothing while Ryan cooked, cleaned, and served her every day. Besides, he worked hard to make money to pay off the car and house loans worth thousands each month. Later, her mother was seriously ill. He asked everyone he knew for help to borrow and collect 600 thousand to treat her mother's illness. But even though he had done it to that extent, she was still unsatisfied and didn't see the good in him. Not only did she often complain about his inability to make money, but she also compared her friends' husbands with him. And a month ago, she started clamoring for a divorce from him. From then on, Ryan began to suspect that Yasmine had an affair, or she wouldn't have been so eager to get a divorce. Apart from Yasmine and her parents arguing with him, Ryan also suspected she was having an affair. Thus, he wasn't in the mood to work. It caused his chance of being promoted to director to disappear. The boss even suspended him for two months to rest. "You always think it's my fault, never thinking whether it's your fault. Shouldn't you pay for my mom's medical treatment? "As for the house and car, you agreed to buy them before marrying me. Shouldn't you be responsible for bearing the loan? "It's me who should regret it. I should have married a rich man with a successful career. You always ask me why I insist on divorcing you. "The reason is simple. You can't make a fortune, can't accompany me, and can't satisfy my love. Our marriage is so depressing that I can't live with you anymore. Now that you have my answer, are you satisfied?" After Yasmine answered coldly, she turned to look at the sea and stopped talking to Ryan. Suddenly, there was a loud bang, and the entire cruise ship tilted forward. Everyone on the deck instantly fell to the ground. Someone had also knocked into Yasmine, and she fell past the railing. "Ah! Ryan! Help me!" Yasmine was holding on to the railing while shouting to Ryan in horror. He had a bad fall too. Looking up, he saw the cruise ship crashing into a huge reef. His eyes widened in shock. He endured the pain in his limbs and stood up. He rushed over, and quickly grabbed Yasmine's hands. "Hold me firmly!" Ryan shouted. Seeing the huge reef getting closer, he roared with anxiety, pulling her up with great difficulty. "Run! Run forward!" A crew standing on the top of the cruise ship waved anxiously, shouting to Ryan and Yasmine. He took her hand and ran toward the back of the cruise ship. With a loud bang, the cruise ship hit the reefs. The hull was instantly shattered, and its debris flew into the sea. Many people were hit by the debris. Some fell into the sea, while others were knocked to the ground. Shouts of fear, screams, and cries of pain echoed everywhere. The scene was extremely chaotic. "There's a big hole in the ship! It's about to sink!" someone shouted. This news instantly made the scene more chaotic. Ryan lay on the ground, feeling that the cruise ship was sinking. Many people ran to the railing and jumped into the sea. "Ryan, what should we do? I don't want to die here! I don't want to die!" Yasmine held her head, crying bitterly in fright. He looked around anxiously. Seeing that the cruise ship had tilted and continued to sink, he looked at the people who had jumped off the ship into the sea. Ryan rushed up to the railing and looked outside. Then, he hurriedly shouted to Yasmine, "The ship is sinking! Come here! Let's jump off!" She panicked and ran over quickly. She looked at the sea below and shook her head vigorously. She cried, "No! I dare not to jump! I'm afraid!" "If you don't jump, you'll die! Grab my hand! Let's jump!" Ryan yelled at Yasmine, forcefully grabbed her hand, climbed up the railing, and jumped off. She screamed in fear, instantly falling into the sea. As she struggled violently, Ryan grabbed her wrist tightly. He squatted on a large iron sheet floating on the sea. Upon holding Yasmine's wrist, he looked at her coldly, asking loudly, "Tell me! Are you asking for a divorce because you cheated on me? If you don't tell me the truth, I'll let you drown."
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