CHAPTER ONE NO EMOTIONAL CONNECTION WITH EMPLOYES THIRD PERSON NARRATIVE DEMETRIUS A naked woman was seen lying on the king sized bed which dominate the room space. Her hands were tried to each side of the bed her wet p��ssy stared at no one in particular. Her nipples pointed upwards and was begging to be s��cked. A half naked man with his six packs wide open for the world to see and his so huge pointed c��ck standing from inside his shorts begging to be let out of it's cage. He stared at her wet p��ssy hungrily with his vibrator in his hands. Until he decided to give in to his desires. With each step he took he commanded power, dominance. The lady saw how huge he was and she prepared herself mentally. Even though this wasn't her first time with him but still she can never really prepare herself for his size. He untired her hands and said " touch yourself for me." He commanded. And immediately she started by inserting one finger deep inside her p��ssy and a mourned escaped her mouth. Followed by a second and a third then the fourth. And finally her fingers entered the deep end of her p��ssy. Her mourns filled the room he untired the second hand and with that she started rubbing the left side of her nipples. While her five fingers were still in her p��ssy. " Stop!" Walking closer to her he bent down and placed his head forward. Her legs were still apart her cl��t facing him begging to be rubbed or kissed. Placing his tongue on it sent shivers down her spine she mourned immediately. Seeing as how she reacted to him, he increased his pace and her mourns increased. She started moving her body up and down, up and down. Her cum was threatening to tear her apart from the inside out. She was at the brink of cumming when he pulled away and inserted his c��ck with a deep thrust. She couldn't stop herself from shouting aloud. Immediately he planted a kiss to shut her up. He relaxed his muscles allowing her body to adjust and in order for it to welcome him. " Breathe.." he whispered in her ears. And she did according to how he has commanded. She relaxed giving him the space he needed. Seeing as how she has relaxed he began again. This time faster than the last time. With each thrust he made her moans were getting louder. Her cum that threatened to tear her to a million pieces begin to build again. She was going to cum sooner than she had expected. Seeing that she was so close to climax he turned taking her with him. He lays his head on the pillow and stretches his legs in front of him; she began to ride his pe?is, staying on her haunches. For greater balance, she puts her hands on his chest, making some support. He holds his mistress by the legs, but can also feel her heaving breast, stroking her body and watching. He is receiving the satisfaction of his life not in a lesser extent - that is for sure! " Oh... I am gonna cum.." and with that her cum split on his belly. Not giving her the chance to relax he took her from the bed. He sits in a chair facing the table with his straight back and legs pressed together. Then she sits on his hips with her back to him, bends her knees and takes them back behind his body. She outstretches her hands and places her palms on the tabletop, while the upper part of her body remains still and tightly stretched like a guitar string. This position was going to make him cum faster, after all they have been at this for so long. " Ahh.. yes.." he kept moving and moving until he felt he can no long hold it and immediately he felt his sperm all over her cl��t. Placing a feather like kiss on her back he whispered. " Go lie on the bed.." An exhausted naked woman walk slowly and laid on the bed giving in to the exhaustion she felt. He got up from the chair went into the washroom he turn on the shower and allowed the water pour like rain on hi His eyes glued on his phone his suitcase in one hand he wasn't looking at where he was going until he felt a quack and the sounds of files came crashing down on the floor. " I.. am .... so sorry." Came the most gentle voice he has ever heard. raising his head from his phone he came face to face with the most beautiful creature on Earth. A 5 ft tall woman with her raven hair parked on one side, her big brown eyes staring right back at him. She was putting on a suit with her high heels she was trying to gather the files on the ground. She wasn't giving him the attention all she wanted was to make it to her interview. ALESSIA " I.... am..... so.. sorry." she apologized again. " I should have been looking where I was going." Picking up the last file from the ground. " Please, there is no need to apologize." Putting his phone in his pocket. He bent down to help arrange her stuff. The staffs working in the company all stood still like they were ask to stand still. They knew who their boss was. They knew he hated women as a matter of fact they knew he sees woman as nothing but a tool for s��x and to satisfy his sexual desires. Standing up and meeting the handsome and bulky man who dominated her space. She met the surprise of her life. If she could describe him, she would do so with just one word. 'god like' She lost her speech, her breath even her lungs went dry immediately. She felt the entire world stood still for a moment. Then she remembered her interview. " I am so sorry sir but I have an interview I have to attend." Without staring the stranger another glance she bolted out of there with high hopes she wasn't late. ??????? Right in the elevator she couldn't stop thinking about the stranger and how huge he was. She has never seen someone who possessed so much features. " Snap out of it. Alessia you ought to be thinking about your interview. Not some total stranger." She waved the thoughts away. The elevator opens to reveal a perfectly set of office. The decorations were out of this world. The desk which was made with pure gold situated in one side of the office. On the other hand a long couch was seen with other potential applicants with their files. She walked majestically and slowly. " Hi I am here for the job interview." Her small but gentle voice asked the receptionist. " Your name please.." the male deep voice asked. " Alessia Christopher." She answered Going through his system he saw the name and asked her to take a seat among the other women. Alessia a twenty seven years old young lady who lives alone in a two bedroom apartment. She holds a PhD degree in business management she is the best in her field. She had also been surprised when she saw the ad about the job vacancy. She knew that getting a job in one of the multi billion dollar company is going to be one heck of a fight. But she took the risk anyway and when she got the email her heart skipped a beat. She prayed to the heavens to bless her with this job because right now she needs the money and she will do anything legal to earn it. " I heard the boss himself is the one doing the interview." One of the applicants had whispered. Immediately Alessia became nervous she has heard rumours about him. Some call him cold and inhuman, some say he has hatred for women but nobody knows why. While others call him a Playboy. As a matter of fact it is only a few people that have seen him one on one. What will be her fate if eventually he is actually the one doing the interview! Will she be able to land a job here or will she go back in searching for another job. She closed her eyes one more time and prayed to whosoever is up there to give her just this chance because like hell she needs it. " Alessia." The receptionist called. She got up slowly and nervously walking straight to where the receptionist had directed. ????? The door burst open and revealed a very beautiful office there were so many details that she could not describe. The only word she can use is 'Paradise on Earth' people say that the "GOLDEN CORP'S" is one of the biggest companies yet. But like hell nobody told her that it was this beautiful. Her files glued to her chest she walked trying to cover the distance between her and the desk. It seems whoever this boss is, isn't paying too much of an attention. " Take a seat." He said without staring her a glance. " Thank you." She said as she lowered herself on the chair facing him. " Give me a minute. I will be with you shortly." Still without looking at her. Seating there nervously waiting for him to say a word was actually killing her self-esteem. If only he knows what his silence is doing to her body then, he would say a word. As if the heavens heard her prayers he finally raised his head and, what! No it can't be. The shocked mirrored in her face coupled with the sensation she felt all of a sudden. Demetrius can't believe his eyes. The woman he bumped into earlier today was sitting right here in front of him. Staring at him with those big brown eyes of her's he has never seen such a goddess with sweet feminine legs. Immediately his body reacted to this beauty in front of him. In his head he saw her in a relaxation position. In this position, she will not be able to relax completely, but it is still an orgasm inducing pose to get his grind on. He would sits in a chair with his straight back and legs close together. She could climb on his hips and sits back to his body. Her legs will be fully bent at the knees and driven slightly apart. Her feet rest against the edges of the chair. And he places his palms on her hips, and she gently covers them with her palms. " Snap out of it Demetrius. Remember you have one rule and that is never have any emotional connection with an employee." Looking down on the file in front of him having her resume he finally said..
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