Chapter 01

  "Melissa Qin, welcome to hell."   Wearing a white wedding dress, Melissa was dragged by Spencer into the villa and into a room on the third floor that was locked all year round.   Spencer stopped at the door and suddenly turned to look at Melissa, "This room is for you. From now on, you will live here forever."   His tone was spiteful with a deep hatred, but there was a strange light in his eyes.   Melissa's hands and feet were cold, and she was almost certain that there was something in this room that made her extremely anxious. She instinctively wanted to retreat, but she was held tightly by Spencer's big hand, rendering her motionless.   "Why, you want to escape before you go in? Melissa, it seems that you're guilty about a lot of bad things!" Spencer's tone suddenly became cold and harsh, pushing the door open as soon as his voice fell.   A flash of lightning seemed to have tear the night sky apart. Melissa saw a picture of a girl at that moment.   It was in black and white and was clearly a photo of a ghost from the past.   Melissa screamed as she hid herself behind Spencer's arms, but Spencer put his hand on her head and pulled her long hair, forcing her to face the photo.   "Melissa, do you know her?" Spencer asked softly, his eyes full of longing when he looked at the photo.   Grievance and fear filled Melissa's eyes with tears. She raised her hand and wiped it, only to see the face of a girl with a very sweet and innocent smile in that photo, who seemed to have been twelve or thirteen years old at the time.   There was a dimple on each cheek, the eyes were bright as if they were twinkling like stars.   This face made Melissa tremble violently.   She subconsciously looked at Spencer, his beautiful eyebrows were exactly the same as those of the little girl.   Spencer dragged Melissa by the hair into the room and shoved her toward the photo, "Melissa, take a good look at this face. Don't you have nightmares when you dream at night?"   Spencer's voice was distorted due to anger, causing Melissa to shiver subconsciously. She shook her head weakly, "Spencer, what's the matter with you? Why are you doing this to me all of a sudden?"   Big tears slid down on her cheeks, ruining her makeup in the process, and she was mortified.   Today was her wedding with Spencer, but when he gave a speech, Spencer smiled like a demon in front of all the guests.   He said, "Today is the wedding of my wife, Ms. Melissa Qin. She said that she would dedicate her first night with me."   Melissa blushed when she heard this, and quietly pulled Spencer's sleeve to signal him to stop talking about such a private matter, but little did she know that Spencer was only playing with her.   "Everyone knows that Melissa is a well-known beauty in Pingcheng, and the dream lover of many people! As far as I know, there's a lot of people who wants to be with her. Anyway, her first night is a once in a lifetime opportunity, don't you think so?"   At this point, even if Melissa was slow to react, she noticed that something was wrong with Spencer. Her face turned pale a little, and she trembled and said, "Spencer..."   Spencer glanced at her as if looking at a piece of rubbish. "Good things should be shared," he chuckled, "so I am willing to share my wife's first night with you. Would anyone like to come to my humble home tonight?"   "Wow!"   There was clamor in the banquet instantly and everyone was whispering. Melissa seemed to be hit by a huge boulder falling from the sky, her chest tightened, and her vision became blurry that she could see nothing and even hear nothing.   Until someone screamed, "Melissa, snap out of it! Something happened to your father!"   The panicked voice of her mother made Melissa suddenly come back to her senses. She was about to run off the stage, but Spencer stretched out his arm to stop her.   Melissa begged him, "Spencer, my dad. Please save my dad! Let me go..."   Spencer still had a nice smile and spoke slowly, but what he spat out made Melissa feel numb all over her body.   "This is retribution. Next, it's your turn. Melissa, welcome to hell."
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