Forbidden LoveForbidden Love
By: Webfic

1 Dream on, Anna!

It was in the wee hours of the night. Steve had taken several bottles of liquor and he could not think straight. He walked on a narrow path staggering, as his mind remained stuck on one woman he desired most! He held his phone in his right hand and decided to make a phone call to the special person. He had to talk to her before he got home. The phone rang several times and then finally, she picked it up. Steve was quick to engage her and he didn't even give her time to speak, probably because of the way he had longed to hear her speak. “I miss holding your sexy waist!” Steve whispered, making her let out a sexy sigh. “I miss you too,” Anna spoke amidst confusion. It was the only response she could think of at that moment. “I want to see those thighs again, please send me a photo of them to keep me warm.” he continued. “And I want to kiss your lips tonight, please come over!” Anna said but it was all an act. She knew Steve was drunk. But still, she wanted to believe his words. It would not hurt to be optimistic and again, only a fool doesn't change his ways. Maybe Steve had changed huh. “I will be there with you soon!” he assured her. The words sounded like music in Anna’s ears. She could not help but feel excited. It made her heart race. “No problem, my love.” Anna struggled to say. Though Steve had never called her on the phone and uttered such words, Anna loved the emotions it brought in her. It felt like certainly the start of something big. She didn’t care how much liquor Steve had taken but for whatever it was worth, she loved the moment unfolding and wanted it to last even longer. Steve turned around and glanced at the sky as if looking for better and well, convincing words to say to her. Though he was drunk, his eyes were still as blue as seawater but the darkness surrounding him seized the uniqueness of his lovely eyes. Steve removed his hat from his head and held it under his arm as if trying to get better connectivity. He always did that whenever he was on a long phone call. He cleared his throat and then held his phone firmly. For a moment Anna felt loved and wanted to return the favor. Deep inside she could not help but thank the heavens for the beautiful moment they were creating together as a couple. She hoped that the new version of her husband would last for eternity. Steve continued, “Do you know how much I love you, Anna?” he asked. “Really? Because you have never shown me through your actions,” Anna was amazed but Steve ignored her and continued with his mission; to sweep her off her feet with his sweet words. It was already bearing fruits judging by the silence that was being experienced on Anna’s end. “So you know, I would give anything to be back in those sheets with you!” he flirted. “Is that so?” there was nothing real in Steve’s words now and Anna was finding it hard to believe him until his tone changed and he decided to spit it out. Steve sounded emotional and somehow he started winning Anna’s heart; the same heart that he had contributed to breaking so many times in the past that it had become a norm. As a result, it made her feel worthless over the years and she got used to it. “It’s funny how people change; from being inconsiderate to considerate all in a flash!” Anna thought to herself but then she was interrupted by Steve, who was not yet finished with his flirtations. “My love, I have waited for this day and time to share my love with you and I am glad I can finally confess just what you mean to me,” he said but all Anna could hear were blabbers. He was just trying to play around with her. Steve would never say that to her unless he was a changed man! But then again, it would not hurt for Anna to hope for the best. “Hmm,” she was speechless. A grip of fear erupted from her heart and she was afraid of confessing her love for him too. He had not been the best husband but at least now he was trying. “I want you to dress up for me. I want you to look good. Because tonight, I am going to make you feel like a queen!” the words made Anna’s lips tremble. “Hmm, but I don't have any beautiful dress to wear, Steve. What am I going to wear? It's been long since you took me shopping and so there are no nice dresses here,” she said resignedly. “Don't say that. Go into the wardrobe and open the small box placed next to my gray suit. You will find a blue dress and then you can put it on. There are other dresses I have bought you as well. You will see them once I get home,” Steve was starting to be every woman's dream husband. Just how had he figured that out yet they rarely spoke of their likes and dislikes? Their marriage was more like cohabitation and there were no emotions attached. It made her stammer. There was just so much she wanted to say but there was no time as Steve was overflowing with emotions. Anna went to the wardrobe while still clinging to the phone as she listened to the sweet words coming from Steve. It was the sweetest phone call she had ever received from Steve ever since they became a couple. After looking and rearranging clothes in the wardrobe, she finally bumped into the small box. It didn't look like a box that would have any piece of cloth in it. It looked very small in size. She took it and quickly opened it, and behold, a nice blue dress was in there. She took it and tried it on while still conversing on the phone. She was excited. “I see it,” Anna said and though it was late, she started thinking of what she was going to prepare for dinner. She wanted it to be special. She could not wait to see the new version of Steve but then it was not going to be easy for Steve as he had made it clear Anna was not supposed to go to the kitchen. According to Steve, the maids were supposed to prepare the meals and all she had to do was ask. “Do you like it?” He asked. “Yes, I do!” She was already breathless. Anna was excited. She loved the new version of Steve just like she had loved the older version. She had fallen in love with him when she was barely eighteen and had never thought of cheating on him. Though there were ups and downs, she still didn't have any reason to cheat. She wanted to be the best wife Steve would ever ask for. Anna desired him in almost everything. Steve on the other hand had no idea that what he had said had caused Anna to start to imagine how he was going to make her feel like a “queen”. She imagined being in his arms and seeing him sweat over her body and it made her sigh in excitement. She was a happy woman!
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