Chapter 1-Chicken Beep Beep Beep

City S, midnight. This southern international metropolis was still brightly lit and the radiant neon was as dazzling as daytime. In the most lively entertainment district, a round super-sized chicken was moving back and forth along the road. Some passing men went up and took advantage of it time to time, saying something obscene. But they could not affect the pace of the chicken. It still waved the small square item in its hand. "Long-lasting and reliable, it allows your tadpoles to swim freely!" A Miao moved from side to side and shouted when she saw a man and a woman embracing each other and coming out of the bar. She went up to give them one product. "It's our company's free activity. You can try it!" Giving out free Dur*x in this place was something that could be done very effectively and most people would take one. Looking at the less than half of the Dur*x in the box, A Miao began to calculate. "40 yuan every night. I can make enough tuition fee for the first semester till the start of September!" She felt relaxed and wanted to drink some water, but her hands could not reach her mouth because she was in a chicken costume. Walking into an alley, A Miao heard a bang as she was about to get out of the costume as if a trash bin had fallen. "Who is there?" She carefully stuck her head out, grabbed the box of Dur*x, and was ready to run. Boom! A louder noise sounded. A shadow suddenly rushed up, and she was pressed to the ground before she reacted. "Ah...ah..." A pair of big hands covered her mouth, and her shouts were drowned in the crowds outside the road. No one heard her screams. A low, cold voice sounded near her ear. "Shut up." A Miao trembled. Apparently, it was a man on her, and his mouth was facing her ear. "I am a salesperson who does free promotion here. I... I don't have a penny!" She tried to explain. Feeling that the man moved, the next second, she realized that a pair of hands were groping on her body. "What are you?" The man's voice was a little short because he couldn't find the woman's ass. A Miao was very grateful now that she was still wearing the chicken costume and she was around from top to bottom. It was impossible for him to feel her! "You'd better get up, or I'm going to shout." After she confirmed that there was no danger of being raped, her tone hardened. The man's breathing was getting heavier and heavier. It sprayed on A Miao's face and made her inexplicably nervous. Moreover, she could feel the body of the man pressing against her tight as if he was holding back. This man was... not quite right!
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