Chapter 22

"Then it's yours, okay?" Maisie managed to put the bracelet on her wrist. "It looks good on you, doesn't it?" Bonnie smiled. Ivor felt a mix of emotions as he saw his mother and Bonnie being so friendly. "It's getting late. Let's get the party started." Maisie took Bonnie’s hand and led her to the car while continuing their conversation affectionately. Ged walked behind Ivor and patted his shoulder silently. Ivor shot him a glance and slapped his hand away before going after them. After the engagement party ended, Bonnie stayed at the Knight Residence. She had promised Sigmund she would live with them for a month. After dinner, Ivor brought Bonnie to the second floor. "This is your room." "Okay, thanks," said Bonnie politely. Ivor said dryly, "I'm just doing what my grandpa told me to. Besides, you're a guest." Bonnie knew Ivor was trying to tell her to mind her boundaries. "I'll be staying in the room next to yours as he wanted. You shouldn’t enter it wi

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