Chapter 3

When Ivor saw Bonnie's beautiful face, his eyes lit up, which rarely happened. It wasn’t just because of her looks. It was also because of what she had just said. Ged burst out laughing. "That's a good one! You're funny, I'll give you that." "You don't believe me?" Bonnie didn't care if they believed her, but she wanted to tell the truth. She looked serious, but Ged started to doubt her. "Do you know what car this is? Do you really expect us to believe that you gave it to Sigmund?" It was clear that he didn't think she could afford it. Bonnie nodded, "This model was launched three years ago by Mercedez, with a global limited edition of ten units, I think." She remembered that was what the tycoon had told her. Ged's eyes went wide. 'She knows? 'She knows, but she still has the nerve to claim that she gave this to Sigmund? She's f*cking unbelievable! 'How could Sigmund want Ivor to marry her? She's so full of sh*t!' Ged decided not to pursue the matter out of respect for the Knight family. Soon, the car reached the Knight Residence. "We're here," Ivor told Bonnie impassively. She opened the door and got out. Ged looked over his shoulder at Ivor. "Bro, I know it's none of my business, but Sigmund’s made a bad choice." Ivor said, "I told you, I wanted to have nothing to do with her." Ged was relieved he was not interested in her. Sigmund was waiting at the door. When he spotted Bonnie, his cloudy eyes lit up. "You're finally here, Bonnie! What do you think of my villa?" Bonnie looked inside the luxurious living hall. It had crystal chandeliers, genuine leather sofas, and exquisite tiles. "It's not bad." "Marry my grandson then, and you can raise your children here. Will three kids be enough? Hmm, make it seven!" Ged laughed. "Come on, Sigmund, get off their backs! They’re grown adults, after all." Sigmund ignored him. He took Bonnie's hand and put it on Ivor's. They quickly pulled their hands apart. "Grandpa, I brought her here like you wanted, and that's as far as I'm willing to go. I'm in no mood for romance, so please stop trying to play cupid, okay?" Ivor said grimly. "No mood for romance? You're into girls, aren't you? Or are the rumors true? That you always hang out with Ged because you're gay?" Ged spat out his water. "I'd be proud to be gay, but I'm straight, all right?" "Yeah, right!" Ged was speechless. Ivor knew that Sigmund was keen to set him up with Bonnie, so he tried to dissuade him. "She and I aren't right for each other." "How so?" Ivor glanced at Bonnie and said solemnly, "Grandpa, you're right that I've always been a bit of a snob, but there's a reason for that. I skipped grades and was admitted directly into Pyralis University. "Ever since I became CEO of the company, I've led it to great success, and we've become the leader in many fields!" Sigmund frowned. "What are you trying to say?" Ivor narrowed his eyes and glanced at Bonnie. He said coldly, "She's not good enough for me." "She's not good enough for you? Don’t you know that she's—"