Chapter 41

Bonnie checked the time and casually said, “We still have some time on our hands and it’s been a long time since I last brewed any tea from Mariage Frères. I guess I’ll just think of this as practice.” With that, she started brewing. She took the tea leaves and started washing them. This was to remove any dust on its surface, but it was extremely difficult to do. One misstep could compromise its taste. She proceeded to pour the water in and pour it out again. Every movement was effortless and swift, so as not to compromise the tea leaves in the slightest. Next, she brewed the tea. She did it so gracefully that the whole scene looked like a painting. She was beautiful to begin with, and she looked like an elegant deity with the aromatic scent floating through the room. Ivor sat across from her, completely drawn in. His gaze never left Bonnie for even a fraction of a second. “There. Enjoy.” She gave him a cup of tea. He snapped out of his trance. He cleared his throat, took the cu

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