Chapter 55

Gresham and Vera stared at Trina with a mix of disappointment and distrust. Trina was so stressed at seeing them like that that she cried even harder. “How could you say that, Fernanda? I was just worried about Bonnie’s SATs, that’s all. And I only happened to see her student ID by chance…” “Heh. You just happened to see it, but you took a picture of it. Let me ask you a question. What were you plotting?” “I… Um… You really let me down, Fernanda. I told you about that because I trusted you. You deliberately projected it onto the big screen to humiliate my parents because Grandpa gave his company to my father. I know you and your parents have a grudge over that and want to take the company back for yourselves.” “Motherfucker! How could you be so fucking shameless, Trina?!” Fernanda couldn’t stand it anymore. She rolled up her sleeves and yanked at Trina’s hair. “Ow. My hair! It hurts!” Just like that, they began fighting each other. Bonnie just sat aside and sipped on her drink

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