Chapter 82

The SR League was capable of completing any mission, as long as you could pay for it. “I don’t know any of the top brass in the SR League. I only know its founder,” Bonnie said lightly. Jim was rooted to the spot when he heard Bonnie’s last sentence. “Y-You know the founder of SR League?!” This was the SR League they were talking about! They were the number one task force in the world! Bonnie had never brought this up in all the time he had known her. “I know him from a few years back.” “How did you meet?” “It was pure chance. The founder’s mother had a serious illness, and he posted a mission in the league with a one billion dollar reward. I was getting a little bored in the research institute when I saw it, so I accepted the mission.” Then, it hit Jim. “That explains what happened when you went off the radar. You wouldn’t tell me where you went even when I asked. So you went away to treat the SR League founder’s mother.” “Are you really so surprised that I know the founder

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