Letting goLetting go
By: Webfic

Chapter 1

My name is Kate David, a werewolf the daughter of the Alpha, a mistake made by fate for making me my father's daughter. It seems instantly Mum died birthing me the spur of her death was being denounced upon me resulting in the deep resentment from my father, brother, and everyone else except for grandma. My grandma is a lady who has been putting up with me from the moment of my birth until now. I was being forced to live the life of a pariah, not even given the chance to be in the presence of my father only having such grace when I am being berated or whipped by him because to him I am a rebellious nuisance. Then I have my brother who always derives pleasure causing me pain making sure to see my years in school bleak with the help of his sluts and playmates. Just existing for me has never been promising to let me pass through torture both physically and mentally making it a daily routine for me but at the same time helping me create bulwarks around me. So that the summary of a strong woman living in a little and comfortable house with her grandma, whose not related to her, but they both share a profound devotion. She has been my strength all these years, can't imagine life without her. Today is insinuated to be a great day, the day I turn eighteen marking the start of being able to detect my mate, my only true love but I don't feel like starting this day or leaving my comfort zone known as my bedroom. I don't get optimistic or butterflies swimming in my belly just by the thought of having a soulmate because I just don't care to bother myself with such inane things. The moon goddess has made my life difficult and different putting more serious dangers to speculate on like the hardship coming with the ability to shift at a young age of thirteen and not like a normal werewolf who is meant to shift at sixteen. It's an experience I never want to remember, being mystified and in so much trauma. Distress a young child should never endure and go through. Ma took it upon herself to keep reminding me I am unique which makes me outstanding, but if being outstanding makes you wanted and treated differently I will rather be like everybody else living a serene life with loving parents and siblings, making good memories having an adventure. I had to keep it a secret making everyone believe I can't shift yet which leads to being bullied and seen to be weak and worthless. "Kate come down now or you will be late for your class " "Give me a few minutes I am trying to write a journal here" I yell back shutting the journal before standing to my feet. I love school but scorn seeing those fake werewolves who think they know you or judge you based on their sympathetic mind and some judge you based on rumors passing lies about someone else. I don't like having friends not after what I went through, friends are prevaricators, and backstabbing snakes after getting what they need they leave you. Stripping my clothes off I made my way towards the closest searching through for something suitable before deciding on a black dress pairing it with a black Jacket then for footwear, I pick black boots. Placing my outfit on the bed I walk into the bathroom getting under the shower letting the water cascade down my body taking my stress away. I walk out wrapping a towel around my body looking in the mirror studying my countenance which appears gloomy. I put my long brown hair into a bun before slipping into my undies after getting ready I walk downstairs to meet grandma. She is in her fifties but still has the look of a lady in her twenties coming as a benefit of being a werewolf. she still the most beautiful woman I have ever seen with brown hair lovely green eyes and a beautiful soul, summing the true definition of elegance. Dressed in a white and blue dotted apron around her waist and her hair in a low ponytail pairing it up with black jeans and a blue button-up shirt, she moved gracefully around the kitchen putting things in order, I just admire her as my role model in everything. Turning feeling my presence "finally, took you long enough to get ready, here have breakfast before leaving for school or you surely be late for class" she urges me to take a seat before pushing a glass of water and scrambled eggs and bacon. "Okay ma, thank you, you are the best," I say taking a seat before sipping from the glass of water. Finishing my food I put the plate into the sink before kissing her on the cheek then grabbing my bag leaving for another day of misery to begin, " I am off to school" I announce walking towards the door. "Okay before I forget we were asked to see your Dad at 5:00 in the evening today so don't arrive late," she says walking towards me. I am guessing this is another form of retribution but I ask regardless " why?" I inquire looking at her confused. "I don't know maybe for your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !" She says giving me a tight hug and a kiss on my forehead. "bye grandma," I say leaving the house. Like I said before my day can never go well without having to face difficulty. I should get ready to see my beloved Alpha, #sarcasm.
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