Chapter 1 I don't regret

"Hot air slowly came from her back, and his hot breath was soaked in her ears. ""You are a virgin?"" " "The strange breath lingered in her ears, making her shiver, but she did not dare to say anything." "Stacy Morgan felt that the man paused for a moment, and then he said again, ""It's not late for you to regret now.""" She clenched her fists nervously and shook her head. "I don't regret..." "She was 18 years old, just in her prime time, but..." It hurts! The tearing pain made her tremble in the man's arms. "Stacy bit his lip without saying a word to keep that last dignity. In addition to the fear from losing her virginity, she was also terrified by the man. She could clearly feel his strong?physique?and amazing strength." It seemed that he would not be tired. He took every inch of her skin. This was a painfully long night for her... "Finally, in the middle of the night, the man got up and went to the bathroom. Stacy dragged her tired body up, put on her clothes, and went out of the room. " "The downstairs of the hotel stood a middle-aged woman who had introduced her with this business. When she saw Stacy coming out, she handed her a black bag and said, ""This is your reward."" " "Stacy took it without hesitation. Holding the money, she rushed out quickly even ignoring the pain in her private parts. She just wanted to go to the hospital as soon as possible." "The sky was still dark, so there is no one in the corridor. Two people on the stretchers in front of the operating room were not sent in because they didn't pay." "Stacy looked at them with great pain and sobbed, ""I have money now. Please save my mother and brother..."" She sobbed and handed the money to the doctor. The doctor took a look at it and asked the nurse to check the number, then he let the medical staff send the injured to the operating room." "Seeing they didn't push her brother in, Stacy rushed up to grab the doctor, and pleaded, ""And my brother, please save him...""" "The doctor sighed and said, ""Sorry, your brother is dead...""" He is dead?! "This shocking news hit Stacy hardly, which made her world crumble..." "It hurt like someone was stirring her chest with a knife. The pain broke her down on the ground. Eight years ago, when she was ten years old, her father cheated on and abandoned her mother. He sent her pregnant mother and her to a foreign country that they were not familiar with." "Later, her younger brother was born. He was diagnosed with autism when?he was three years old. This made their impoverished life even worse. She and her mother did plenty of part-time jobs to barely make a living. However, a car accident put her?in a desperate situation now since she had no relatives and no money in this foreign country." She had no choice but to prostitute herself but still failed to save her brother. This was a kind of pain that made people not hysterical but uncomfortable. It was hard for her to breathe and her world was in darkness. But she must accept it with a smile because her mother was still alive. Mom needed her. "After the treatment, her mother was getting better. But when she knew her son was dead, her world collapsed." "Stacy hugged her and cried, ""Mom, you still have me, and live well for me.""" "On this month in the hospital, Janet Johnson often sat at the bedside in a daze. Stacy knew that she was missing her son. If it weren't for her, her mother would have gone with her brother. She had been expelled from the school because she had to take care of her mother, but her mother was getting better." "She took the food to the hospital and went to the ward. When she was about to open the door, she heard the voice inside " "She was familiar with the voice. Even if it had been eight years, she still remembered clearly how he forced her mother to divorce him." He had never visited them after sending them here. What did he want that he suddenly appeared today? "Janet, you and Mrs.Louise were like Bernard and Doris, and you betrothed your children. Technically, you are supposed to let your daughter marry her son since it was your promise..." "What do you mean Ethan Morgan? Regardless of her injuries, Janet struggled to hit him. Was he still a human?" He had sent her daughter and her to this strange place where they were unfamiliar with. He had never cared about whether they were alive or dead. The only reason he came here today was to marry her daughter off? "The eldest son of the Louise family is the son of your good friend. He is handsome. You know the background of the Louise family. If your daughter marries him, she will live a happy life... After saying this, he lowered his voice. " "The eldest son of the Louise family was noble and handsome. However, a month ago, he was bitten by a poisonous snake when he went abroad for business. He was numb and could not move or speak." "If she married him, she would live as a widow." I'll marry him. "Stacy suddenly opened the door holding the lunch box in her hand tightly. ""I will marry him, but I have a condition.""" "Ethan looked at her daughter in a trance, who he had not seen for eight years. When she was sent here, she was still a ten-year-old child. Now she had grown up. Her skin was white, but she was too skinny. Her face was as small as a palm but it was dry and not fresh at all as if she had not grown well." His younger daughter was much adorable than her. "He felt less grudged now. After all, she was not so pretty. Even if she married an impotent husband, she would not be too wronged. " "Thinking of this, Ethan didn't feel there was something wrong. ""What is your condition? Just tell me.""" "I want to return to China and take back everything that belongs to mom. If you can do that, I will marry him. Stacy clenched her fists again and again and then slowly calmed down." "Although she was not in the country all year round, she had heard about the Louise family in City B when she was a child. The Louise Family had an extended family and hundreds of billions of wealth. The eldest son of the Louise family was surely honorable. Stacy did not expect that she could have such a good fortune. He might be ugly or physically injured. " "But even so, it was a good chance for her to return to China. If she made good use of it, she may be able to take back her mother's dowry." Stacy...Janet wanted to persuade her that marriage was not a joke. Her daughter had suffered a lot and she didn't want her daughter to marry a stranger. "Upon hearing this, Ethan was worried that Stacy would be persuaded by Janet out of it. He quickly said, ""Okay, as long as you are willing to marry him, I will let you return to China.""" "How about my mother's dowry? Looking at her father, Stacy said with an extremely cold voice. " "When Janet married him, he did receive a lot of dowry, which worthy of a lot of money. Now?Ethan felt very reluctant to give it back." "Dad, my sister must be very pretty, and she deserve a better one. If she marries a physically injured man, her whole life will be over. What's more, you and my mother have already divorced. You should return the money she brought to the Morgan family." Ethan felt guilty and did not dare to look at her. How did she know that the eldest son of the Louise family was physically injured when she was in a foreign country? Ethan didn't know that Stacy was just guessing. "Thinking that she was going to marry an abnormal man, Ethan gritted his teeth and said, ""I'll give it to you after you marry him.""" His youngest daughter was as pretty as a flower. How could he let her marry an impotent man? "No matter how noble he is, if he cannot have sex, he is nothing but a wreck." "At the thought of this, Ethan felt less pity about it." "But he hated Stacy even more, because she only wanted to get some money from him." Ethan looked at her coldly. "Your mother didn't teach you well. You have no manners at all!" "Stacy really wanted to say, ""Didn't you have any responsibility as a father?"" He just sent her here and never cared about her." But she couldn't say it at this moment because she had nothing left and it did no good to her to irritate Ethan. Get ready and we will go back tomorrow. Ethan swung his sleeves and left the ward.
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