Chapter 1

  Ciara was standing in her bedroom on the second floor, staring at the villa yard downstairs by the tall glass windows, waiting for Jin to come home. At ten o'clock, he still didn’t come home. Ciara suddenly laughed, foolishly mocking herself. In the past two years of their marriage, not once did he come home before midnight. What was she looking forward to?   As usual, Ciara didn't go to sleep until he got home. She went and laid in bed early, and accidentally fell asleep. When she heard the door opened, a figure flashed by the door, and she sat up immediately. The light came on, and it took a long time for her to open her eyes. Jin, who was reeking of alcohol, sat at the end of the bed as if he didn't notice her. Ciara got up from the bed and went straight to the bathroom. She took a wet towel, walked back to him, and wiped his drunk face. Jin didn't appreciate it, his eyes was glaring at her, smirking. He put her head close to Ciara's ear and said,   "Is two years of pretending as a doting wife still not good enough for you? Are you going to keep up with that show? Or are you just imitating your sister, Kayla?"   One sentence completely annoyed Ciara. She threw the towel down on the floor, and her eyes were red as she gritted her teeth.   "I've never made a show in front of you, and I'm not imitating my sister! Until when are you going to hurt me?"   "I hurt you? You think too much of yourself. When you killed Kayla, did you even think that she was your sister?"   After that, he came forward and strangled Ciara’s neck. The smell of alcohol and suffocation eventually consumed Ciara.   "No, Jin. Don't hurt me, I’m pregnant."   Her voice was so faint that only he could hear the sound. Jin was startled and he slowly lowered his hands, then he spoke coldly and in a faintly manner, "No, I will never allow a murderer to give birth to my child."   Every word he said was like needles that pierced through Ciara's heart.   "This is our child. How can you be so cruel to him? I love this baby and I have never killed anyone, never!"   In their two years of marriage, she has explained the death of her sister, Kayla, countless times, but Jin never believed her. Jin wouldn't listen to Ciara's words at all. As he remembered Kayla's tragic death, his face darkened and roared, "I am cruel? Look who’s talking! I want you to taste the feeling of separation of flesh and bone, and let you know how it feels like to lose your most beloved person!"   Ciara knows Jin, and what he said will be done. If he said that he wanted to kill his child, he would do it!   There is only one idea that came to Ciara's mind, run! Never let him hurt the child!   She ran towards the closed bedroom door to escape as usual. Seeing that she was about to run away, Jin strode forward, grabbed Ciara by the arm, picked her up, and threw her on the big bed. Then he locked the doors and windows, took out his phone and dialed his secretary's number.   "Yana, help me arrange the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Jinhua Hospital, and have an abortion operation tomorrow morning."   The person on the other end of the line was silent for a moment and answered, "Alright, I'll arrange it as soon as possible." When he heard her answer, he hung up the phone.
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