Chapter 1

Alicia's POV   It was a cool insane morning and I had moronically failed to remember my coat at the house once again. Now, I was behind schedule for classes while trusting that Elena will bring my coat for me.   I was there, sitting alone.   I've nearly finished some hot espresso I requested for and Elena was still yet to return. It was 7:55 AM and the stroll to the lecture room was a few minutes from the cafeteria. On the off chance that Elena doesn't show up right now, it's basically impossible that I would get to the class by 8 AM.   Gracious! Pardon my habits, please. I haven't introduced myself.   I am Alicia Armstrong and I'm 18 years of age. I'm a final year student of Steven's High School. In reality, I'm the most lovely young lady at Steven's High.   Indeed, I know I'm delightful. Also, I'm certain there could be no other one as lovely as I am. I took after my mom, Mrs Grace Armstrong. She is the most gorgeous lady I have ever seen.   Many individuals say I'm self-centered and arrogant. They say my magnificence and father's abundance have gotten to my head. But that is their own cup of tea because it doesn't move me. A considerable lot of them are really desirous of me since I get what I want whenever I want it.   However, don't I have the right to get what I want? Remember that I'm the most lovely young lady and also the daughter of the rich Alex Armstrong.   Jeez! It's now two minutes past eight and Elena is just showing up. Damn! She's even strolling so majestically, rather casually instead of rushing down here. Does she not realize I will be late for classes?   I got up furiously and picked my backpack, making a beeline to meet her at the entryway.   "Why the fuck are you coming so late, Elena?" I rammed at her as she gave me the coat.   "Please accept my apologies," she said, blazing me an irritating grin.   Jeez! I hate her when she grins. Doesn't she know how horrendous she looks?   "For what reason did it take you such a long time?" I asked and we both rushed out of the place after I  had put on the coat.   "I had issues moving out of the car park," she grumbled, which just got me more annoyed.   "Where are the keys?" I shot an enraged look at her   I grabbed the keys from her immediately she took them out. I started to stroll in towards the lecture room without even glancing back at Elena.   "I also got diverted by Dave, he was at your home to see you," Elena's voice made me freeze.   Did she just say Dave?   Jeez! That person is so irritating.   Individuals call Dave my ex. In any case, as far as I might be concerned, he is simply my past sex toy.   I never cherished him but just consented to date him since I wanted somebody to give me enough sex. But now I was tired of his little d*** and I feel like I need something else.   "What is it that Dave need?" I walked back to Elena and inquired.   "He requested that I assist him with begging you," Elena said. "He believes that you should excuse him for some way he irritated you. I think he truly adores you."   I jeered.   "What's all that? He said all these and you stayed to pay attention to him?" I gazed at her sickened. "Next time you see him, let him know I'm tired of his senseless ass. He needs to quit chasing after me."   I turned and walked on to the lecture room. Elena likewise walked towards her lecture room for we were studying different courses.   Should in case you are pondering who Elena is, forget about it. You'll get to meet her soon. Right now, I am ten minutes late for lectures and I must pick up the pace.   *** I at last got to the lecture room and the teacher was at that point in class as I anticipated. I realized he planned to offer a few remarks. Yet, what difference does it make? I just don't like to get to classes late, not because of anybody's remark. Moreover, they all offer remarks about me all the time, so it has no effect anymore.   "Miss Armstrong, you're late again today," Teacher Mark said as I strolled into the lecture room.   I halted and shot a cold stern look at him. "Hello, Teacher. It's my very first time coming to your class late." I uttered.   "Really?" he asked with a screwy grin. "It's my very first time coming to your class late," he mimicked me in a whimsical tone that got the entire class thundering in chuckling.   He just got me angrier that morning.   "I will excuse you for now since it's your very first time." He blurted.   I didn't hold on for him to get done with talking before I strolled to a seat. I could hear individuals muttering and snickering at me as I walked past them.   It didn't make any difference to me, they were all losers. Not a single one of them dared looking me straightforwardly in the face and laugh at me.   The Teacher was at this point about to proceed with the lecture when another person showed up at the entryway.   "Good day, Teacher," he said in a quiet and delicate voice that pulled in the full attention of the class.   Jeez! He seemed to look like an Angel. I had never seen somebody so attractive as he was.   "Good day, who are you?" the teacher inquired.   "I'm Kylian, a new student. I was just transferred here," he ventured forward and gave the teacher his transfer letter.   "Gracious!" the Teacher shouted as he looked over the letter. "You were transferred in the final year? That is abnormal."   The attractive person said nothing yet grinned as he reclaimed the letter. I should admit, his grin was killing.   "You can go to your seat," the Teacher said and he grinned once more.   I could see every one of the young ladies and even guys taking side glances at the novice as he walked past them to a vacant seat.   And that was the point at which I woke back to the real world.   Jeez! How could I be admiring a guy's handsomeness? Me of all people.   I had made a self decision quite a while back that I would never admire or become hopelessly enamored with a guy. As far as I might be concerned, they were all only tools to get pleasure, nothing more.   Fuck the newbie! I cursed under my breath.
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