Madness in LoveMadness in Love
By: Webfic

Chapter 1

"No sir please don't beat me." "Please, sir..." "No." Aahhhhh That man's pain-stricken voice was echoing in the whole Shah Zain villa. While some servants were silently standing in fear and watching this scene. No one has the courage to stop his boss from doing so. Why would they stop him...? That man has done such an act, he desrve this now. "You have to think before doing such a nasty act, today I will make you such that from now on you will be started fearing if you look at any girl." "No sir, please forgive me..... from onwards it will not happen..... please forgive me." He folded his hand in front of the man, who was standing. Today he was remembering every mistake he did. In his saying, Shah Zain's hand stop moving for a moment. "You did a big mistake by wrongly looking at Shah Zain's sister, you must take its punishment." He again rise his hand on that boy. He was already in a disheveled state. On his harsh slap, he fell to the floor. "I will make your condition that worse you will start fearing by uttering the name of my sister." In furious and angry look, he was gazing at the boy, who was on the floor now. "Stop it now Shah Zain, are you going to take his life....leave, he learned his lesson, I think he understands it quite well." Seeing his son again rising his hand, Mr. Hassan came in the middle to intervene. He was looking at his son silently for a long time.  He was right to be in that much anger. That man did a mistake by making worry Shah Zain's sister. Now he will have to take his punishment. Now Mr. Hassan felt he beat him enough. Now there is not any energy left in that boy to bear his beating anymore. That's why he has to stop his son in the middle. "Dad my heart wants that I take his life.....if my men didn't told me then we will not get to know anything that how he kept worrying Noor." In anger, his face has turned red. Seeing his son worry and love for his sister, a smile came on the face of Mr. Hassan. "Finally you came to know all about this and you have his lesson, now stop getting angry." "And listen, go take him to the hospital and treat him well then take him to his home." Now he addresses the servant standing beside him. After listening to him, he makes him stand the boy from the floor and take him outside with himself.
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