Chapter 1

Nancy Heavy snow. I drove the car all the way north. The terrain here is low and flat. More and more large flakes of snowflakes hit the car windows, almost blocking my view. The wiper was busy. I glanced at Leo in the co-pilot child seat. He was asleep with his mouth slightly parted. Looking at his cute little face, made my cold heart feel a little warm. I had been driving like crazy for the past few hours, until now I finally got out of Reyes. No matter how difficult the road ahead, I didn't want to go back to the dark days with Reyes. I didn't know where I was going, maybe the city in front shown on the map. It belongs to another pack. I didn’t know if the people there will accept me and my children. I just hope I could find a job there and live with my baby. After all, I didn't have much money, and the money on me may only be enough for us to spend half a month. Suddenly, the car engine stalls drove me away from my thought and I couldn't start it anyway. Fuck. I got out of the car in a hurry and closed the door. I couldn't let my baby suffer from such a blizzard. The cold wind struck my face like a knife which made me wrap my jacket tightly. There were leaking oil spots on the ground, but the new spots were quickly covered by snow. I didn't find what went wrong. Oh shit. I looked up and there was not even a bird. The distant city building was about 20km away. Suddenly I heard Leo 's cry. I saw from the car window that he seemed to be looking for me with an anxious expression. I got into the car in a hurry and took Leo in my arms tightly. " I can’t find you, Mommy." He stared at me with wide eyes. There were still tears on his face. " Sorry , mom's here. It's okay. " I held him in my arms and pressed my cheek against his soft little face. There was a contented smile on his face, "Mom, why did you stop car?" "Because the snow is beautiful. We are going outside to see the snow." I said, looking at the window. "Snow?" his eyes gleamed, "Wow! Snow." I rolled down the window and looked out. The snow on the ground had gone past one-third of the wheels. If we still stuff our hips on the seats, my baby and I will be buried in the snow. I opened the window and reached out to catch some snowflakes. Then put his hand in front of Leo , "Look! Snowflake." "Snowflakes." He stared at that curiously, watching the snowflakes melting in my hand, little by little and finally turning into a drop of water. "The snowflakes are gone. Where did he go?" He suddenly raised his head to me. "It melted." "It melted." He learned the same from me. "Mom will take you out of the car to watch the snow, don't be afraid, okay, baby." He nodded, "I'm not afraid." " Good boy. Let's go. " I touched his head and he smiled sweetly. I took out a blanket from my backpack and wrapped Leo around, showing only his two eyes. Then I put on the backpack and got out of the car. I hugged Leo tightly and walked into the snow. The snow was very thick and already passed my ankle. I walked very hard, and I heard my own hard breathing. Leo was still looking at the snow happily at first, then he fell asleep in my arms. I looked at the child in my arms and hear the roar of the wolf inside me. I must get out of this snow, for my children. I felt my heavy breathing,with my heavy legs and sore arms. I changed the position of holding Leo , but the pain did not alleviate. I thought I had been walking for a long, long time, but the city in front didn't seem to be closer to me. It was getting dark, and the snow was still that big. When I was desperate, I heard the engine of one car behind me. I turned around and looked at it. It was a black old SUV, very conspicuous in the white snow. Nice. Maybe that can give me a ride. But when the car gradually approached me and stopped in front of me, I knew that I was wrong.
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