Mr. DenverMr. Denver
By: Webfic

Chapter 1

Dakota Lennix I ran towards the bus stop with my 7 cm high heels, 2 duffel bags and 2 cups of latte. My heart dropped when the bus just left and I looked around to see an empty taxi because I only have 18 minutes left before the devil himself leaves the office to go to a meeting. Shit. The office is 12 blocks away and it will take me around 20 minutes to arrive there if I'm running my ass there. But I can't run again, this 2 bags are so heavy and I bet I will spill the latte everywhere. I gulped nervously and looked for an empty taxi. I tried to wave my hand trying to get a taxi. "You! Brunette with 2 duffel bags! Hop in!" I turned to see a taxi driver waving at me. I quickly ran towards him and got inside. "Denver office please.. 6 blocks away.. please.. be fast.. or my boss will kill me." I said completely knocked out. "Roger that!" The taxi driver said as he stepped on the gas. I checked my phone right away to see if the devil needs anything else. I smiled when I saw there's no message from him. I turned my head to the driver and saw his name on the dashboard. His name is Eddy Brown and I think he's in his 40s. I took a really deep breath and let it out slowly. "You know.. I'm completely surprised to see a skinny girl like you carrying 2 big duffel bags." He said as he glanced at me through the mirror. I chuckled sadly and sighed. "People always said that and I think that's why my boss hired me." I said as I turned my head to the window. "I'm Eddy by the way." He said in a really friendly tone. I turned to him and smiled. "I'm Dakota and thank you for calling me earlier." I said chuckling. "Your welcome and here you go." He said as he pulled up right in front of my office building. I gave him 20 dollars and got out from the taxi real quick. "Dakota, here's the change!" I heard Eddy calling me and I turned to him kneeling a little bit. I smiled at him and said, "Keep it.. you saved me today and I hope you have a great day, Eddy." I said as I waved at him. "Thankyou and you too!" He said and I nodded. I checked my watch and I ran inside the building quickly. I gestured everyone in front of me to get out of my way. I felt like I'm Moses from the bible.. you know when God asked him to split the sea. I'm splitting people out of my way. I have 3 minutes left and I pressed the lift button as quickly as possible hoping that it will come faster. I gulped nervously looking at all 6 lifts, waiting for one of them to open their freaking door. Come on come on.. Ding. I ran towards the lift on my right and got inside quickly. I pressed the number 20 because that's where the devil's lair at. I gulped nervously and glared at people who were going to press the button outside. The lift door closed and it's going up. I kept looking at my watch nervously and then I looked at the numbers anxiously too. Come on.. oh come on! When the number stopped at 20, I couldn't help but smile widely. I ran towards the devil's office and knocked twice before going inside. He's currently on the phone and he gestured me to come inside. I walked in and closed the door slowly. I put the 2 big duffel bags beside his desk and put the 2 cups of lattes on his desk. He always drinks 2 cups of latte everyday at 2 p.m and yes he's that weird. He loves his coffee after lunch and he loves his coffee from Starbucks. I stood there waiting for him to give me another task but he suddenly pointed at the glass window. I quickly took the remote and turned the blinds on. He took his latte sipping it as he talked on the phone. He gestured me to sit down and I took out my notes quickly because I bet he's going to make me do a lot of things after this. He ended the call and he sat down on his chair. "Cancel all of my schedules until Saturday, I'm going to Vancouver." He said and my eyes widen. Oh shit! Oh no.. "What's your plan in Vancouver, Mr. Denver?" I asked him as I fixed my glasses because it's slowly slipping down. I started to cross his schedules from tomorrow until Saturday. "Just book a ticket for me and you're not coming." He said in his usual cold tone. I smiled secretly inside my heart because it means I have 4 days of holiday. I don't have to serve the devil for 4 days and that's a really good news. "Yes, Mr. Denver. Should I book an early flight or?" I asked as I took out my iPad from my bag. "The earliest flight tomorrow and the last flight on Saturday." He said as he's pointing his pen at me. I wrote it in my journal and then I turned my head to him again. "Do you need anything else?" I asked and he's currently sipping his coffee. "You're in charge of checking the construction when I'm gone." He said and that made me look at him in horror. "Isn't that Bob's job?" I asked in a really careful tone. "I just fired him. He brought 2 girls into his office and had sex when he's supposed to give me an update." My boss said as he looked at his computer screen. I looked down sadly because I thought I was going to have a 4 days holiday but.. he ended up giving me more work. "Is that all, Mr. Denver?" I asked as I started to put my things inside my bag. "Send me the tickets and you know what to do right?" He asked. "Yes." I said as I turned to him. He gestured me to go out right away. I got up from my seat and walked out of his office. I walked towards my office and threw myself to the sofa. Suddenly my phone rang and I quickly took it out of my bag. When I saw the name on my phone screen, I immediately pressed the red button. My phone rang again still.. the same name shows up. "What do you want?" I hissed as I decided to answer the call. I put the call on the loud speaker because I don't have the damn energy to hold my phone to my ear. "What?!" "Grandpa is dying.." My dad said and I rolled my eyes. "You can't fool me this time, dad." I said in a cold tone. "I swear I'm not kidding this time." He said in a really serious tone. "I'm busy.. so stop joking ar-" My dad turned on the camera and my eyes widen to see my Grandpa at the hospital. "I'm not lying." "Fine.. I'll be there." I hissed and I ended the call. I quickly got up from my sofa and sat on my work chair. I started to cancel all Mr. Denver's schedule by calling everyone that's involve in that schedule. I started to book him a ticket to Vancouver and a ticket for myself to LA. After finish rescheduling, I walked towards my boss' office. I knocked and then walked inside. "Mr. Denver, I think I have to go to LA tomorrow morning." I said and he looked up to me. "Why is that?" He asked. "My grandfather is dying, my dad just called me earlier informing that I have to go home." I said. "Go.. you have 2 days and ask Cindy to replace you." "Her name is Cynthia." I corrected him and he turned to me gesturing me to go. I gave him the place ticket details and then he gestured to go out immediately. I walked back to my office and work again.
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