Chapter 1 Accidentally Saved the Richest Man

Langi City. Two in the morning. Josie was doing her usual deliveries, waiting at the intersection for a red light. Suddenly she saw a truck running the red light and it smashed directly into a sports car sending it flying. The sports car tumbled down the road about 10 meters away and landed with its wheels up in the air The car was seriously deformed and the windows were shattered. A faint smell of gasoline wafted through the air, hinting that the car could explode at any second. Josie quickly recovered from her shock and immediately got off her scooter to go help. She ran over and crouched down against the driver's side and patted the blood-covered face of the man in the driver's seat. "Hey, wake up, the car is going to explode, I need to get you out!" Seeing that the man did not respond, Josie poked her head into the car, and reached out to unbuckle the man's seat belt, only to find that his legs were stuck. After a few shakes, the unconscious man said weakly, "Save me ---" "I can't move you." Josie pulled hard, but his leg was stuck tight, and no matter how she pulled, it was useless. The smell of gasoline was getting stronger and the explosion felt imminent, Josie let go of him trying to find an excuse, "Sorry, I still have to make this next delivery, and if I'm late I have to pay a fine." Josie really wanted to help him, but she was also afraid that if she failed she would also die. "Save me. I'll give you... one hundred million." Although he was in a daze, his instinct to survive was extremely strong. "One hundred million?" Hearing him mention that sum of money, Josie's eyes lit up. She glanced at the logo of the car. It was a Ferrari. He was indeed a rich man. Which means that he would be able to afford that amount. "There's a car jack in the boot." The man covered in blood struggled to open his eyes. He wanted to remember the woman's face, but the blood flowed into his eyes and blurred his vision. "Okay." Without delay, Josie immediately ran to open the trunk and found the car jack. She pushed it between the seat and the center console, and then she dragged the man out. They'd only gotten a few meters away when they heard a loud bang. The car exploded, and the two fell heavily to the ground under the impact of the shockwave. The man was unconscious. Josie was so scared that her face was pale and colorless. She patted her chest and said, "Phew, that was close..." After a while, she dragged him onto her electric scooter and tied him to her with a bungee cord. Then, she rode the electric scooter to the hospital. At the payment window, the cashier asked, "What is your name?" "My name is Jo..." Just as she was about to say her name, she was interrupted by the cashier. "Hey, aren't you the daughter of our dean? Your name is Leah, right?" Leah, her twin sister. The two of them had identical faces and figures, like carbon copies. But... fate was a funny thing. Josie had been taken at birth and sold to her adoptive parents. However, her adoptive parents had been in an accident a month ago and were seriously injured and hospitalized. The medical fees were sky high Josie's birth parents suddenly appeared and said that they could treat her adoptive parents. The condition was that Josie had to give the Lewis family's youngest son, who had leukemia, a bone marrow transplant. She also could not reveal her face which was identical to Leah's. Her biological mother, Rowan, said, "Our Leah has been raised to be proficient in all the arts, and is the most beautiful young lady in Langi City. You are just a village girl. Your existence can't be revealed otherwise it will affect Leah's reputation." In order to obtain treatment for her adoptive parents, Josie swallowed her pride and agreed. Tonight she had been out on a late delivery and hadn't bothered to put on any makeup. She did not expect to be recognized. Moreover, she had accidentally gone to her biological father's hospital. She could only pretend to be Leah and deposited 5000 for the operation under her sister's name. After everything was settled, she returned to her rental to take a shower. When she was washing her clothes, she found a black diamond ring in her pocket. Josie did not think much about it. She put the ring on the table and lay on the bed, intending to take a nap. At some point, there was a knock on the door outside. "Who is it?" She put on her slippers and walked to the door, only to see Leah pushing the door open and walking in. "Why are you here..." Before Josie could finish her sentence, she was slapped in the face by Leah. "Josie, what is wrong with you? Have you forgotten what I said to you?" The tall and slender Leah had long black hair that hung down over her shoulders. Her exquisite and beautiful facial features were slightly powdered. Her aura was excellent and she looked noble. Her natural beauty was captivating. Compared to Josie, who was wearing cheap pajamas with discount slippers, the two of them clearly couldn't be compared. Josie was extremely angry and slapped Leah in the face. In order to save her parents, Josie had no choice but to be taken advantage of by her biological parents. But she had never been a weak person to tolerate abuse from just anyone. Accompanied by the crisp sound of a slap, Leah screamed, "Josie, how dare you hit me?" Josie was much stronger than Leah and this single slap made her cheek red and swollen. Josie shook her hurting hand and frowned. "I'm not your mother. I will not tolerate your bad temper." "You brought some strange man to my dad's hospital late at night using my name. What would people say if this gets out?" Leah, whose face was red with anger, pointed at her and said, "When I came to Langi City, I warned you not to show off around town with 'my face'. Do you want your adoptive parents to die?" If someone had not told her father this morning, Leah would not have known about this incident. "Your face... Heh." Josie laughed at herself, her eyes full of sadness. Life was so unfair, even the face she was born with didn't belong to her now. Just then, Leah's mobile phone rang. She walked to the side to answer the phone. When she glanced sideways, she happened to see the black diamond ring on the table. It looked familiar... "Mommy, what's the matter?" She asked. "Oh my god, daughter, when did you save Young Master Quigley? Why didn't you tell Mommy about such a big thing? Just now, the Quigley family came and said that they want to meet you next week."
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