Chapter 1026

Two hours later, over 30 luxurious cars were parked in front of Southern Heavens Pharmaceuticals. The heads of the three most powerful families had confused expressions on their faces. Why had Nash summoned them to such a remote place? Xeno was here too. He noticed the three heads of families once he got out of his car. “Why did Mr. Calcraft summon us here, Mr. Watson?” Grant asked, a curious expression on his face. His granddaughter had not told him anything over the phone other than that Nash wanted them at the Long Lake Industrial Zone. “Sydney was the one who contacted me, so I was actually planning to ask you that question!” Walter’s phone call with Sydney had also only consisted of a single sentence. Just then, Sydney hurried over. “Don’t just stand there. Nash has been waiting for so long!” Upon hearing that, solemn looks appeared on everyone’s faces as they followed Sydney into the Long Lake Industrial Zone. Soon after they entered the Long Lake Industrial Zone

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