Chapter 1070

At Baroque's headquarters, Lauren and Harrison were having tea with the general managers of various departments in the chairman's office. Everyone present had been with the company for over 20 years, making them veteran figures. "We received another order worth 3.5 billion dollars from Sagen. I suggest allocating some of it to the branch offices!" The first to speak was Seamus Chezk, the general manager of the Business Department. Despite being 55 years old, he exuded vitality. He had a pair of sharp eyes that held more authority than even the chairman, Harrison. Jalen, the general manager of the Production Department, frowned and glanced at Seamus coldly. "The branch offices only have a little over 400 employees and are lacking in technical personnel. They're facing even more terrifying backlogs of orders than we are here. "Hera, that girl, is still young. Her workload is no lighter than ours!" He lifted the teacup from the table, took a sip to wet his throat, and casually adde

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