Chapter 1083

"Mr. Skye!” The flight attendants lowered their posture. Theo pointed at Nash and said, “Help my friend bathe and give him a change of clothes. Take good care of him and I’ll pay you five times your bonus this month!” “Yes, Mr. Skye!” The four flight attendants' eyes were sparkling. They wanted nothing more than to strip Nash naked. Nash followed them to the bathroom. There was a huge window next to the bathtub that allowed him to enjoy the view of the clouds while lying in it. A flight attendant adjusted the water temperature and filled the tub with water while another brought a bucket of rose petals and poured them in. Nash was secretly speechless. He thought, 'Now, you’re talking!' Looking at the blushing flight attendants, Nash teased them on a whim, “Why are you still standing there? Do you want to take a bath with me?” To his surprise, the flight attendants bit their lips and started taking their clothes off! Nash’s chest tightened. “Holy shit, are you for real?” Then

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