Chapter 108

At Tili Mountain. Master Calcraft? Was he not Nash's master? Stellar narrowed his eyes and said, "Can't it be Master Calcraft's apprentice?" Cillian opened his eyes and his pupils were black again. "I only saw the Apocalyptic Star and the falling General Star echoing each other. The Apocalyptic Star represents Master Calcraft so he is the only one who can change the Warden's fate!" Stellar nodded before pulling out his phone to call Nash. "Nash, can I ask your master to come from his mountain?" "No!" Nash refused. "Father Cillian said that Master Calcraft is the only one who can save the Warden!" "My master... he isn't around anymore!" Nash hastily hung up. At that time, he was following Jupiter and Angelica to investigate the surveillance video from the Fourth Industrial Zone. In the surveillance video, they could see that Brian was carried into a factory called Rococo Coating Factory by a group of people. "Rococo?" "That's the Lewis family's company!"

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