Chapter 1125

Nash drove to the airport to pick her up himself. Hera's phone kept ringing in the car. Some were congratulatory calls while others were about work. When they met Eva, the introductions were quick. Hera and Eva clicked right away. Eva was no ordinary person. She had turned a small family investment into a billion-dollar business. Eva knew a lot about how companies were run and their rules. She had made many friends in her job at the Great Eastern Tower. She was just the kind of person who could help Hera with her busy job. "Innovate Collective... I guess it's meant to be. My mom and dad used to work there, but they got fired and started their own business!" Eva said with a funny look on her face. "We've just taken over Innovate Collective, and it's all mixed up. I'm counting on you to fix the situation, Eva!" Hera said, looping her arm through Eva's. "So, Ms. Lewis, what title and pay are you thinking to assign me?" Eva asked with a sly smile. "You'll be the deputy CEO with

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