Chapter 1127

Trevor turned as pale as a ghost. He had been so bold because he had an expert from the Mystique Loyalty Realm at his side. Now, his biggest support was on his knees, scared stiff by just the sight of Nash. Was Nash really that scary? Trevor did not dare to think anymore and followed suit, kneeling down as he trembled. "I... I've realized my mistake!" The other experts behind him also dropped to their knees, pleading for mercy. With Hoiland and Trevor kneeling, they did not dare to resist. Nash gave a nod. "Since you seem sincere in admitting your mistakes, I'll let you off this time." "Thank you, thank you!" Trevor banged his head on the ground over and over. He was as timid now as he had been bold before. "You hit them back just like they hit you!" Nash told Yasmin and the others. Queenie and Sydney looked at each other, then walked over to Trevor and slapped him several times. Derek grabbed a chair leg. With a mean look, he slammed it down on Trevor's shoulder. Yasmin's

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