Chapter 1139

The Eves were in danger now. Nash walked out of the room with his hands behind his back. Atlas informed Eric that he would be in Xanthalos for a while. Eric was delighted. He and Winnie could finally have fun unscrupulously. Everyone came downstairs. Suddenly, Melody looked at Nash and said, "I want to borrow some money!" Elsabeth immediately responded, "How much do you need? I can lend it to you!" Tina also said, "I can spare 50 million!" Melody smiled. "I want 20 billion!" Elsabeth and Tina immediately stopped talking. The way the two looked at Nash changed again. If Melody could ask Nash to borrow 20 billion, it meant that Nash's net worth was much more than this amount. "Is 20 billion enough?" "It's enough. I'll take back Stone Group within three days!" Melody vowed. Nash did not ask further and took out his phone to make the transfer. After the bank called for confirmation, the transfer was successful. Melody looked at Elsabeth and Tina. "Do you want to come with m

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