Chapter 1168

Ten minutes later, inside the Cosmos Martial Arts Hall, Nash used some needles to help Atlas clear the toxins from his body. "Master Nash, did that old man smear poison on his hands?" Atlas asked, puzzled. While it looked like he defeated Benjamin, in reality, he had lost from the start. He was a high-level cultivator in the Profound Reality Realm, yet he was almost killed by a stage five great-grandmaster. It would be embarrassing if this got out. He would definitely ask Nash to keep this a secret later. Nash pondered a bit and replied, "That's a dark sect technique called the Nether Palm. They soak their hands in poison during practice and use their true energy to seal the poison in the meridians of their palms. "When they strike, they inject the poison into the opponent's body with their true energy. But that's not the orthodox Nether Palm. The authentic one requires being in the Profound Reality Realm, and the poison needed is not your usual run-of-the-mill poison. "When i

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