Chapter 1170

The tension between the two factions was palpable as they readied for battle. "Master Hoffman, you owe me an explanation for Benjamin Freeman!" The leader of the Freeman Martial Alliance was around 40 years old. He wore traditional clothes, and his square face was filled with authority. His sharp eagle eyes were narrowed into a fierce glare. Not a single soul dared meet his gaze, not even Robert, who instinctively lowered his eyes. Atlas raised a brow and quietly asked Winston beside him, "Who's this guy? He looks pretty arrogant!" Winston took a deep breath, suppressing his fear. However, his voice still trembled as he spoke, "H-He... He's Hudson Freeman, the son of Thames Freeman, the founder of the Freeman Martial Alliance. "Word is he’s a partial Mystique Loyalty Realm expert. He’s not shown himself since the founding of the Freeman Martial Alliance. Looks like we're in big trouble this time!" Atlas sneered. "Only in the partial Mystique Loyalty Realm? My master could turn

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