Chapter 169

Upon opening the bag, her eyes widened in disbelief. The black plastic bag was full of contraceptive products meant for couples. Moreover, they were purchased on her behalf by the company’s director. This was a great embarrassment! A severe one at that! “Mr-Mr. Wilson…” “Don’t worry, Ms. Lewis. I won’t tell anyone. I have to go now!” With a knowing smile, Hans quickly left. At that moment, Nash came out of the bathroom while drying his hair. “Who were you talking to just now?” Upon hearing Nash’s voice, Hera quickly hid her hands behind her back. “The... The delivery guy!” Seeing Hera’s flushed face, Nash laughed and said, “You ordered food delivery this late? Aren't you full from our meal at the hotel?” “It was Skadi who ordered the delivery!” Hera gritted her teeth, wishing she could strip Skadi and toss her out onto the streets. Nash raised an eyebrow. “Your best friend really takes good care of you!” Hera waited for Nash to turn around, and he waited for her to walk a

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