Chapter 1

[I have recently found enlightenment in the depths of my contemplation. I need to go to the farthest reaches of the South Sea to break free from my restraints, and I don’t know when I will return. [You have been cultivating on the mountain for over 15 years, and your divine skills have matured. Don’t let them go to waste. [I am old friends with Herman Lewis of Jonford City. In the past, we had arranged a marriage contract for you with the eldest daughter of the Lewis family. Once you see this letter, you can head down the mountain to fulfill the marriage contract. Once you’re married, you must serve Mr. Lewis as you would serve me and not take this lightly! [If your path to immortality is blocked, the Lewises can still guarantee a worry-free life for you…] On the summit of Tili Mountain, Nash Calcraft looked at the letter left on the stone table with a pendant placed on top. He had no parents and had been living with his master on the mountain to cultivate since he was young. The old man treated him like his own child. Once his master broke through his restraints, it would be the moment of his ascension to immortality. Nash did not expect that before leaving, his master would arrange for his life to be taken care of so clearly. He felt a tingle in his nose, and tears welled up in his eyes. Since his master had given him an order, he dared not disobey. Hence, he packed his belongings, tidied up the courtyard once again, bowed three times, and walked toward the foot of the mountain. ... In the dense forest of Tili Mountain, a figure moved as fast as lightning, flashing and maneuvering among the trees. The figure leaped, light as a swallow, and landed on the mountain road. Nash adjusted his clothes, not panting nor blushing, and looked up at the midday sun. Although Tili Mountain was close to Jonford City, it would probably take until midnight for him to run there on foot. Just then, a car came speeding from a distance. Nash’s mouth curled up, and he stood in the middle of the road while waving his hands. The sound of urgent braking echoed, and the car narrowly avoided hitting him. The car door swung open, and an angry woman in a jacket stepped out. Just as Nash was about to greet her, the woman angrily shouted, “Are you insane, standing in the middle of the road like this?! Do you want to die?” Nash awkwardly explained, “Don’t get so angry, pretty lady. Are you going to Jonford? I'm hoping to hitch a ride.” “Hitch a ride, my *ss. Get lost!” Skadi Zabel glared at him angrily. “I really have an urgent matter to attend to and need a ride.” Nash quickly took out a few crumpled bills from his pocket. “I can pay…” The five bucks he held was half of his net worth. “Who wants your measly change?” Skadi was about to start cursing, but a cold voice came from the car. “Forget it. Just let him in. We can’t waste any more time!” Hera Lewis, who was in the front passenger seat, furrowed her eyebrows. She was already pressed for time, and now she encountered trouble on the road. This guy seemed a bit dim-witted. If they refused to let him in the car, who knew how long he would drag this. Skadi glanced at Hera, then glared at Nash, saying, “You’re lucky my best friend is so accommodating…” Nash glanced at the woman in the passenger seat. She had jet-black shoulder-length hair that fell freely on her shoulders. Her skin was as white as snow, and her eyes were as picturesque as a lake in autumn. She even wore a blue dress that accentuated her well-proportioned figure. “What are you staring at? Get in the car quickly…” Seeing Nash eyeing her best friend, Skadi immediately scolded him sharply. “Thank you, thank you!” Nash snapped out of it and did not pay attention to the tigress. He quickly climbed into the back seat and closed the door. Skadi glared at him fiercely, stepped on the accelerator, and drove toward Jonford. Through the rearview mirror, Skadi looked at Nash who was wearing coarse linen clothes and furrowed her brows. She asked, “Are you from Tili Mountain?” Nash nodded politely. “Yes, yes. I’ve been on the mountain since I was little, living with my master. I usually farm and help others deal with troublesome matters.” “Then why don’t you just stay on the mountain? Why the hell are you heading to Jonford?” Nash chuckled. “I’m heading down the mountain this time to look for my fiance.” Upon hearing this, Hera and Skadi both looked at him through the rearview mirror. Skadi laughed without restraint. “You? You have a fiance?” Nash spoke seriously, “Of course. Not only do I have a fiance, but she’s also the eldest daughter of the Lewis family!” “What?!” Skadi jerked the steering wheel and almost hit the guardrail. “Stop bluffing. How could the eldest daughter of the Lewis family be your fiance?” Skadi glanced at Hera beside her. Hera also had a puzzled look on her face. “Whether you believe it or not, I’m telling you the truth!” Nash had a proud smile on his face. The lifelong dream of his buddies from the village at the foot of the mountain was to do well in university and marry a beautiful and rich woman. To them, that was the pinnacle of life. Meanwhile, this dream had easily come true for him. Hera, who had been silent the whole time, smiled and said, “The Lewises’ eldest daughter will never marry you!” Nash was taken aback. “Why not?” “You’ll find out when you get to the Lewises’ place!” Hera chuckled lightly. Who was the eldest daughter of the Lewis family? Why, of course, it was none other than her eldest cousin. She was currently in a romantic relationship with the eldest son of the Watson family, the wealthiest family in Jonford. How could she possibly be interested in a country bumpkin? Hera could not help but feel a little disappointed. Despite also being a daughter of the Lewis family, she was worlds apart from her eldest cousin. No matter how hard she worked or how outstanding she was, she was still transferred to a distant place that was far away from the center of the Lewises’ empire. The best resources had always gone to her cousin. Even if she was incompetent, she still held a high position in the company. Now that their grandfather was seriously ill, her eldest uncle would take full control of the Lewises once he passed away. As for herself, she would never have a chance to turn the tables. Suddenly, there was a loud noise. The small car instantly lost balance. Skadi quickly stepped on the brakes to stabilize the car. Hera, still trembling, asked, “What happened?” Skadi got out of the car to inspect and frowned while saying, “It’s a flat tire. A bastard scattered nails on the road!” Nash, sitting in the back seat, looked out the window and asked, “Are those people your friends?” Skadi and Hera looked up, and their hearts tightened up instantly. On the desolate road, a group of burly men dressed in black suits walked slowly toward them with iron bars in their hands. There were more than 20 of them. Soon, the group had reached the front of the car. Hera remained calm and got out of the car, standing beside Skadi. She looked at the group of people and questioned, “Who are you people?” They did not answer but instead formed a circle, trapping the small car in the middle. Hera calmly stepped back. Skadi slowly took off her jacket and threw it on the ground. Her phoenix-like eyes stared at the group, and she coldly snorted. “You’re seeking death!” In the next second, she dashed toward the crowd. Nash’s eyebrows furrowed. “Tell her to come back…” Skadi’s Heavenly Circulation was at Stage Three, indicating that she had practiced internal martial arts. However, these black-clad individuals were at Stage Four of the Heavenly Circulation, indicating that their strength was greater than Skadi’s. Hera raised her hand to interrupt, “Skadi once won the martial arts championship. You don’t need to worry about her. Stay in the car and don’t move. This matter doesn’t concern you.” Just as she finished speaking, there was a muffled sound, and Skadi let out a cry of agony. The leader of the black-clad men had grabbed her by the neck and slammed her down forcefully. “Ack... Pfft…” Skadi’s nose and mouth were bleeding, and she instantly lost her fighting ability. “This... This can’t be possible.” Hera, who had just been calm and composed earlier, suddenly felt a chill sweep over her body. Skadi was her best friend and bodyguard, and she was the martial arts champion of Jonford City. However, in just one encounter, she was disabled by the opponent? Who in Jonford City had the capability to send out so many skilled fighters? Before she could figure it out, another black-clad person attacked her from behind and grabbed her by the neck. The tremendous pressure made her kneel directly on the ground. The leader of the black-clad men drew a sharp dagger from his sleeve. A cold glint flashed over, and Hera trembled as she swallowed a mouthful of saliva. “Wait... Can you at least let me know why? Did my uncle send you?” “You’ll know once you’re dead.” The voice of the black-clad man was icy-cold. Looking at the other party’s emotionless gaze, Hera bit her lip tightly, her eyes filled with unwillingness. She refused to die like this. There were still many things she had not done in life. She had not gotten married, and she still had to take care of her parents in their old age... Nonetheless, she had no power to resist. The sharp dagger drew closer and closer, and she closed her eyes in despair. “Gentlemen, could you all leave me a bit of dignity here and let her go?”
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