Chapter 25

The bearded man tossed a black ID card to him. The middle-aged man glanced at the ID and took a deep breath. He hurriedly put away the gun and raised his hand to salute, "Greetings, Colonel..." His voice was shaking. Frontier Corps. The ranks were divided into privates, sergeants, majors, colonels, and generals, who were also known as the wardens! The man in front of him was obviously a colonel. He was a true overlord who could mobilize more than 300,000 troops. Seeing her boss' behavior through the car window, Angelica could not help but frown. "Captain Holt, this guy looks like a fraud at first glance. Have you ever seen a colonel wandering around alone?" Jupiter raised a brow, finding some sense in Angelica's words. He was about to speak when he saw five patrol cars and three other cars belonging to political leaders driving over from not far away. The chief of the Jonford Inspection Office and the governor of Jonford got out of the cars and walked over at the same time. J

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