Chapter 344

Nash shot up from the sofa. “Is she with Skadi?” Hera was the closest to Skadi. The reason why they could not contact her was most probably because she wanted some quiet time to herself. "I've tried contacting Skadi, but she doesn’t know where Hera is either,” Lauren replied. "Alright, Mom. Please don't worry. I'll contact some people and we’ll find her!" After offering some words of comfort, Nash dialed Hera's number, only to receive a prompt saying that her phone was switched off. Just as he was about to call Skadi, a call from her came through. "Nash! Hera is missing!” Skadi’s voice was filled with worry. She was concerned that Hera might have been feeling overwhelmed and ran away. She was concerned that she might perhaps even be contemplating suicide. "Did she talk to you about anything last night?" Nash asked. "She didn't really talk to me much last night! If anything happens to her, I’m holding you responsible!" Skadi said coldly. "Let's focus on finding her first," Nas

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