Chapter 351

After she was done speaking, Queenie asked the bodyguards to take Justin away. Weston's respect for the man in front of them far exceeded the respect he showed Queenie, which meant that this man definitely had a certain status in Universal Group. However, her cousin was the vice president of Jonford Universal Group. Therefore, other than the positions above the president, he was not afraid of anyone. Nash was uninterested and turned away to go upstairs. They should be glad that he arrived in time. If he had arrived one second later and something unexpected had happened to Hera, then the situation would have had a different outcome. Weston looked at Nash as he left and gulped. He returned to the front desk to check Nash's information, only to find that Nash's position and position level were hidden. … At Jonford Universal Group, the director of the HR department respectfully handed Nash's work permit to Melody. "Ms. Stone... Mr. Calcraft's work ID can only be accessed

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