Chapter 395

Timothy picked up the teacup and took a sip. “There shouldn’t be any survivors from the Youngs... As for Nash and the Smiling Grim Reaper... let Sawyer handle them!” Martin swallowed hard. “I sent Sawyer to kill Hera, but he was stopped by the Skyes’ protector, Sherman Smugh!” “Sherman Smugh?” “He’s no match for Sawyer.” Timothy frowned and snorted. Then, Martin detailed the evening’s events to his father. After listening, Timothy narrowed his eyes. “This Nash kid seems to have a deep connection with the Kleins…” Martin whispered, “Father, do you think Nash could be the Smiling Grim Reaper?” Timothy took a deep breath. “It’s possible. Francis Dunn once impersonated the Smiling Grim Reaper to approach me... But no worries, just let Sawyer deal with him.” Martin expressed his concerns. “If Nash is the Smiling Grim Reaper... he might still have the Heavenly Martial Arts Order... if we fail to kill Nash and anger him, the consequences are unimaginable…” Hearing this, Timothy’s br

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