Chapter 40

Hubert reprimanded Rooney with a flushed face and a raised voice. Rooney trembled in fear. Realizing that she had almost slipped her tongue, she quickly closed her mouth obediently. Helena also glared disapprovingly at her own mother. Everything else about her mother was good, but she lacked a filter when she spoke. They had managed to keep the matter of her grandfather’s critical condition hidden, and now it was brought up again. If Grandpa regained his memory, would their family be able to sit here safe and sound? Hubert cautiously looked at Herman and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw his father pinching his nose in distress. Lauren smiled faintly and said, “Dad, you heard everything, right? You were indeed critically ill and admitted to Jonford Hospital. Mr. Dean even invited Miracle Doctor Tanner, but they couldn’t cure you. It was Nash who cured you…” Hubert angrily interjected, “Lauren, will you stop spreading nonsense here…” Harrison said coldly, “Who’s the one spr

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