Chapter 420

With a loud boom, the stone pillar sank downward. The ground vibrated. Then, the juggernaut stone door shuddered violently before it lowered itself. Bradley had a bright smile on his face. “So, the switch was hidden in the mud…” The stone door had finished lowering itself down. A karst cave presented itself before them. The ground was covered in coral-shaped crystals, and bugs that resembled fireflies flew around in the air. What was most surprising, though, were the various exotic plants that grew inside the cave. These plants twinkled just like actual stars did. It looked like a scene from a fairytale. “It’s so pretty…” Heidi let out an admiring sigh. Then, she walked toward the cave. A smile appeared on Nico’s face as he took a whiff and said, “It smells wonderful… It smells like gardenias!” He also walked into the cave after finishing his sentence. Derek pointed at the pearls of night on the walls and laughed. “We may not be able to take the door with us, b

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