Chapter 426

“Heidi... just tell us directly how to solve this trap!” Nico said impatiently, eager to enter the main tomb chamber. Bradley slapped Nico on the head. “Always talking... If you don’t understand the design concept of the trap, how can you find a way to break it?” “Ouch…” Nico held his head and groaned. “Grandpa... can you not hit my head next time? I’m becoming silly from all your hits!” Heidi glanced at Nico and continued, "The 18 Rings of Doom consists of more than 3,000 Somerese characters. It could be a poem or a sentence. If we follow the sequence of that sentence, we won’t trigger the trap…” After saying this, Heidi stopped speaking. Everyone waited for her to continue, but seeing her pause, all eyes turned to her. Melody asked, “Is that all?” “That’s all!” Heidi seemed a bit frightened under everyone’s gaze. Nico wanted to complain but was afraid of another slap from his grandfather. He muttered to himself, “That’s almost as good as not saying anything. More than 3,000

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