Chapter 42

Just as Olivia was done speaking, the short-haired beauty’s phone started ringing in her bag. The short-haired beauty took out her phone and glanced at it. Upon seeing the caller ID, her spirits lifted instantly. “Oli, it’s Mr. Skye’s phone call!” Olivia took the phone and wiped to answer it. “Spit it out…” The short-haired beauty could not help but chuckle. On the other end of the line was Theo, the son of the prestigious Skye family in Capiton. He had a strange temperament and had unpredictable moods. Nonetheless, he always treated Oli with great respect. “You didn’t go to the Lewis household yesterday?” Theo’s cold voice came through the phone. Hearing Theo’s unfriendly tone, Olivia’s arrogance immediately subsided, and she explained, “Yesterday... Yesterday, there was a major client from abroad, so I got delayed. I’m already at the entrance of the Lewis family's estate now!” “What nonsense! If you dare to disrespect my Nashy, I‘ll make sure Drake Group goes bankrupt in m

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