Chapter 439

Nash spent nearly an hour treating his injuries. His right hand was no longer swollen and was regaining sensation, but it was still immobile. The effects of the miraculous medicine were truly remarkable, as it had healed him significantly. Nash stood up and said, "Let's go check outside." He bent his legs slightly and jumped out of the coffin. Derek was squatting on the ground, examining the totem on the King of Medicine's coffin when he heard the sound behind. He fell on his butt, startled. He turned around, and when he saw Nash, he let out a sigh of relief. "Mr. Nash, you scared me! I almost had a heart attack." Derek got up, dusted off his clothes, and walked over to Nash. He looked at Nash's right arm and asked, "Mr. Nash, is your injury... all better?" Nodding, Nash smiled faintly. "I'm fine now." The others also jumped down and then stared at the King of Medicine's coffin beneath the heavy bronze coffin, still in a daze. The fact that the bronze coffin lid could cut off th

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