Chapter 453

“Hey now... It’s not about the discount. Warm Flower Garden just opened, and the quality of their flowers is much higher than other flower shops. Shouldn’t you aim for quality when buying goods? “When buying flowers for your wife, it shows your passion for love. The better the quality of the flowers, the more thoughtful it is, no?” The taxi driver said as he glanced at Nash through the rearview mirror with a cheeky grin. Nash nodded in agreement. “That makes sense... Let’s head to Warm Flower Garden, then.” ... Warm Flower Garden was located in the heart of Jonford. The store was spacious with various fresh flower samples displayed in glass cabinets. Outside, pots of plants were arranged, and the ground was littered with remnants of flower petals. As Nash stepped out of the car, a young woman dressed as a maid with twin ponytails greeted him with a warm smile. “Good day, sir. Our store has a grand opening offer today—all flowers are at a 50% discount.” Her voice was sweet, m

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