Chapter 456

Claude clutched his chest, taking a while to catch his breath. A few of his underlings rushed over, scrambling to help him up. “Oli... It’s this bastard! Even after seeing you arrive, he still dares to lay his hands on me… Look... my jaw got dislocated…” Claude pointed to his cheek in pain. The left side of his cheekbone was noticeably indented. “Shut up!” Olivia slapped him across the face. Claude spat out a mouthful of blood from the impact. Darkness clouded his vision, and his ears rang. “Oli... why…” Claude covered his face and backed away. Then, he looked toward several of the family’s great-grandmasters. “You people… attack this instant!” The two elderly figures lowered their heads. As core members of the Lees, they were aware of some of Nash’s secrets. The overwhelming aura that came from being in the Profound Reality Realm had them struggling to breathe. “Nash... he’s my cousin... Can... Can you spare him a little…” Olivia stammered. She would rather Claude offen

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