Chapter 514

“Dr. Tanner, please. You must save my child. He’s my only child, and if he dies, I won’t be able to live!” The elderly woman knelt on the ground, crying loudly. Several relatives also knelt beside her, shedding tears. “Please, Ma’am, don’t do this. I’m still learning, and my skills are limited!” Mireille hurriedly approached and helped the elderly woman to her feet. Upon hearing Mireille’s words, the elderly woman’s eyes rolled back. She fainted on the ground. A burly man among them became somewhat angry. “Where’s your grandfather? Isn’t he Jonford’s top miracle doctor? Get him out here to treat my child!” Mireille explained, “My grandfather has gone back to our hometown…” The burly man got up from the ground, his eyes filled with fury. “I don’t care! If my son dies in your clinic today, I’ll fight with all of you!” Any father would go to great lengths to save his child, no matter how embarrassing or frowned upon their actions might be. This man was no exception. He just want

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