Chapter 533

Sydney was interrupted by Nash, who quickly explained, "This is a rather urgent matter, which is why I called you so late." Sydney sat by the window in a hanging chair, swinging her feet as she asked, "Alright, what's going on?" "I heard your grandfather has an Antarctic Lotus." "Haha!" Sydney chuckled blankly and said coldly, "Put away your little scheme. My grandfather treasures that lotus with his life. You can forget about it!" There was a deep history to that Antarctic Lotus. It was the only dowry her grandmother had brought with her when she married her grandfather. After her grandmother passed, her grandfather would go to sleep every night holding that box containing the lotus. Nash would be daydreaming if he thought he could get it. "Talk to your grandfather about it. If he agrees to give it to me, then I, Nash Calcraft, will owe the Zell family a favor. If you guys ever face any trouble in the future, I promise to lend a helping hand." Nash's tone then gradually turned

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