Chapter 585

The grandest battles he had witnessed were between Profound Reality Realm cultivators. While they could easily destroy buildings, they had not been able to shatter a villa into pieces. Divus remained calm and composed, his all-white martial arts attire still immaculate. The Swordsman crawled out of the rubble, disheveled. He then firmly stood on the ground. "Divus, do you dare battle me somewhere with no one around?" "I dare not," The Bladesman replied with a faint smile. Nash looked at The Swordsman as if he were an idiot. The Bladesman had not even drawn his weapon yet. He wondered where the man got the courage to challenge someone who had reached the peak of the Mystique Loyalty Realm. "Hahaha, you’re unexpectedly timid. Aren't you afraid of being ridiculed by others?" The Swordsman sneered. They were in such a crowded place. Concerned about attracting the attention of the National Martial Bureau, he did not use his full strength just now. If he had used the Seven Killings Bl

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